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Restaurants in Tampere: 13 Foodie Hotspots

Looking for the best restaurants in Tampere? You’re in the right place. In this guide, I share the best places to eat in Tampere, with options to suit all budgets and dietary requirements.

There is a lot to love about Tampere. A cool industrial city known for its cultural attractions, stunning nature, and hipster vibe, it’s becoming one of Finland’s top cities to visit.

While there are many exciting things to see and do in Tampere, we were most surprised by the diverse and interesting food scene.

Honestly, we were amazed by the quality of food on offer here and thought it only right that we share our favourite Tampere restaurants with all of you. So, let’s get to it.

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Restaurants in Tampere

Tampere Restaurants at a Glance

There is a lot to cover in this Tampere Restaurant Guide. So, for those with limited time to read, here is a quick summary of some of the best places to eat in Tampere.

Brunch: Pella’s Cafe

Vegan/Veggie: Muusa

Wine Bar: Villit ja Viinit

Waffles: The Waffle Cafe

Steak: Ravinteli Huber

Fine Dining: Näsinneula 

13 Best Restaurants in Tampere

From cool brunch spots to trendy fine dining and everything in between, here are 13 of the best restaurants in Tampere.

Brunch Restaurants in Tampere

1. Pella's Cafe

Best Brunch Restaurant Tampere Pella's Cafe
Best Brunch Restaurant Tampere - Pella's Cafe

In the heart of the city centre, Pella’s Cafe is the perfect spot for a laidback casual brunch. In the week, you’ll find a wide selection of sandwiches and bakery items. All delicious and all fresh.

At weekends (we visited on a Sunday), they have an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, which includes beautiful salads, different meats, breads, pastries and cakes. It’s lovely and great value for money.

Besides that, the coffee is excellent here, and it’s obviously popular as booking in advance is recommended. It’s also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

2. Cafe Pispala

Cafe Pispala Tampere
Cafe Pispala Tampere

Another favoured brunch spot amongst locals and tourists alike is Pispala Cafe. It’s located a bit outside of the city centre but easy to reach by bus and well worth the short trip out.

The ‘whole works brunch’ is a staple of the Cafe Pispala menu and includes pancakes with bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, yoghurt, and coffee.

While in the area, I recommend walking up to Pyykkimettä Park, where you can find spectacular views over both Tampere lakes.

3. Vohvelikahvila (The Waffle Cafe)

Best cafe tampere - Vohvelikahvila (The Waffle Cafe)​
Vohvelikahvila (The Waffle Cafe)​

Lovers of waffles will not want to miss this next Tampere restaurant. This place is quite famous in the city, loved for its warm and welcoming vibe and, of course, the delicious waffles.

The menu features both sweet and savoury options, from Banana-Nutella and Salty Ice Cream to Smoked Salmon and Taco Waffles. They also have vegetarian and vegan options.

You can find The Waffle Cafe in the city centre by Tammerkoski Rapids.

Casual Dining in Tampere

4. Saunaravintola Kuuma

Saunaravintola Kuuma Restaurant Sauna Tampere
Saunaravintola Kuuma Restaurant Sauna Tampere

This next Tampere restaurant is also one of the most popular public saunas in the city. So you can enjoy a nice meal followed by a sauna or vice versa.

I would describe the food at Kuuma as Nordic comfort food. Think delicious burgers, tasty fried chicken, and locally sourced fish. The cocktail and wine lists are also excellent.

Most impressive, however, is its location on the marina, allowing for scenic views and the chance to take a revitalising dip in the lake!

5. Bistro Eloisa

Best Restaurant Tampere - Bistro Eloisa
One of The Best Restaurants in Tampere - Bistro Eloisa

I don’t like to pick favourites, but Bistro Eloisa is definitely up there as one of our most memorable places to eat in Tampere.

This was more than a restaurant. This was an experience. And everything from the open plan kitchen to the atmospheric vibe and the interesting food with complimenting wine added to that.

The approach to the food here is simple but with a lot of heart and a lot of flavour. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

6. Muusa

Best Vegan Restaurant Tampere - Muusa
Best Vegan Restaurant Tampere - Muusa

Muusa is for vegetarians, vegans, and friends, with a mixed menu that is suitable for everybody. We stopped here for lunch and were blown away by the flavour and presentation of every dish.

The menu is a combination of tasty small dishes like Brie & Blackberry, Polenta Cakes, and Bang Bang Cauliflower. And colourful mains like Khao Soi Soup, Veggie Meatballs, and Surf and Tofu.

The venue is also a vibe and doubles up as a bar and events space. You’ll find Muusa at Satakunnkatu 10.

7. Villit ja Viinit

Tampere Restaurants - Villit ja Viinit
Tampere Restaurants - Villit ja Viinit

Nature-based drinks, playful wines and exciting food are at the heart of this trendy wine bar/restaurant in Tampere. This is another underrated venue that we cannot recommend enough!

We love the mission and story behind Villit ja Viinit. Passionate about sustainability, they change their menu with the seasons and ensure nothing goes to waste.

We had a delicious tasting menu with wine pairing. Every dish was bursting with flavour and beautifully presented, and of course, the wine was fantastic.

8. 4Vuodenaikaa

Top Restaurant in Tampere - 4 Vuodenaikaa
Top Restaurant in Tampere - 4 Vuodenaikaa

Restaurant 4 Seasons (4Vuodenaikaa) is a charming and authentic French restaurant in the iconic Old Market Hall. Utilising the finest Finnish ingredients, it results in a spectacular fusion cuisine.

The restaurant has a rotating menu of soups, salads, meats and fish. But some classics like the acclaimed Bouillabaisse fish soup are there to stay.

Set in a stunning art nouveau building, Tampere Market Hall is the biggest in all of the Nordics. It’s home to over 30 local vendors, speciality stores, and restaurants.

9. Pyynikin Munkkikahvila

Best Cafe in Tampere - Pyynikin Munkkikahvila
Best Donuts in Finland - Pyynikin Munkkikahvila

Did somebody say doughnuts? But not just any doughnuts. These are ‘munkki’ doughnuts – often considered the best doughnuts in all of Finland.

You can find Pyynikin Munkkikahvila at Pynikki Park – home to some spectacular nature trails and the Pynikki Observation Tower, which allows wonderful views over the city.

The cafe makes for a perfect post-walk pit stop where you can grab a drink and one of the infamous ‘munkki’ doughnuts.

10. Brewery Restaurant Plevna

Tampere Pub Food - Brewery Restaurant Plevna
Tampere Pub Food - Brewery Restaurant Plevna

Brewery Restaurant Plevna is a heaven for beer lovers, pairing hearty pub grub with flavoursome craft beer from their brewery.

Plevna produces more than 20 beers and ciders on the premises and remains Tampere’s only genuine brewery pub.

The venue is amazing – set in the historic Finlayson area with a relaxed industrial vibe. Simply put, it’s the perfect hang-out for relaxing food and drinks.

11. Ravinteli Huber

Best Places to eat Tampere - Ravinteli Huber Restaurant
Do not miss this restaurant in Tampere - Ravinteli Huber Restaurant

If you are a lover of steak, you won’t want to miss Ravinteli Huber – A premium steak restaurant serving some of the finest quality meat in all of Finland.

The food here is exquisite, and the quality of the meat is undeniable. Tender, flavoursome, grilled to perfection – everything you could possibly want from a steak.

It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth every penny. I recommend booking in advance since the restaurant is often fully booked.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Tampere

12. Ravinteli Bertha

Fine Dining Restaurants Tampere - Ravinteli Bertha
Best Fine Dining Restaurants Tampere - Ravinteli Bertha

Ravinteli Bertha is the sister restaurant to Ravinteli Huber and one of the best fine-dining restaurants in Tampere.

Bertha offers food on a set menu basis, taking you on a journey of exquisite flavours and exciting dishes. A carefully selected wine menu complements the food perfectly.

You can find Ravinteli Bertha at Rautatienkatu 14 in the city centre.

13. Näsinneula Restaurant

Tampere Food Guide - Näsinneula Restaurant
Näsinneula Restaurant Tampere

A high-scale dining experience is guaranteed at this next Tampere restaurant. Näsinneula is a rotating restaurant at the top of the tallest observation tower in all of the Nordics.

Again, the food at Näsinneula is designed to take you on a journey. Each dish created to delight all of your senses.

The Finlandia tasting menu is highly recommended, which combines a variety of local dishes and ingredients. There’s also a vegetarian tasting menu and an a la carte menu.

Enjoy The Best Restaurants in Tampere!

So there you have it, our Tampere foodie guide. I hope it’s got you excited about your trip.

If you have any questions or anything to add, please drop us a comment below. We love hearing from you!

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

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