Lesbian Bars in Berlin

The Best Berlin Lesbian Bars, Parties, and Nightlife

Looking for the best Berlin lesbian bars & nightlife? You’re in the right place! In this guide, I share a list of the top queer and lesbian bars, clubs, parties, and events throughout the city.

Lesbian bars are a bit like unicorns. We know they exist, but it’s almost impossible to find them.

Thankfully, Berlin is an exception. A bit like Lesbian London, the progressive city has been a queer hotspot since the early 1900s and continues to thrive.

Of course, the lesbian scene is tame in comparison to what’s on offer for the boys. That said, there’s still plenty of fun to be had for lesbians in Berlin.

So, let’s get to it and share our top lesbian bars, clubs, and parties in Berlin.

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Lesbian Bars Berlin LGBTQ

Lesbian Bars in Berlin

Himmelreich Cafe

Located on the ever-popular Simon-Dach-Straße, Himmelreich Cafe is one of few lesbian bars in the party district of Friedrichshain.

The bar has an open-door policy, and anybody is welcome regardless of their $exuality. However, it’s proclaimed as a ‘Cafe by day and gay lady oasis by night’.

Certain nights are LGBTQ+ specific, such as Women’s Lounge on Tuesdays, which caters to a lesbian and FLINTA crowd.

OYA Cafe

OYA Cafe is a hidden gem when it comes to lesbian bars in Berlin. You can find it at Mariannenstraße 6 in Friedrichshain.

An inclusive space run by women of colour, it lacks the pretentiousness of other queer spaces in the city. But that’s not the only reason that it is in such high standing with the local queers.

The bar holds regular events and parties, drinks are reasonably priced, and everybody is friendly and welcoming. What is there not to love?

Möbel Olfe

If you’re looking for the best lesbian bars in Berlin, look no further than Möbel Olfe. This iconic space in Kreuzberg is one of the most famous queer hotspots in the city.

Tuesdays are FLINTA nights, which are incredibly popular. The rest of the week is a mixed LGBTQ+ crowd but with a fair divide of sexualities and gender identities.

Check out the website for the club program. Various events and parties take place throughout the week.

Drag Show at Lesbian Bars Berlin
Find Drag Shows at some of the Lesbian Bars in Berlin

Heile Welt

Located in Schöneberg, Heile Welt is a low-key gay and lesbian Berlin bar, where popping in and enjoying a quiet cocktail is the norm.

Here, you’ll find a mixed crowd from the LGBTQ+ community and can enjoy delicious drinks and catchy tunes until the early hours.

The Coven

For something a little more stylish and sophisticated, head over to The Coven—a chic, atmospheric cocktail bar located in Central Berlin Mitte.

Despite the industrial decor, the bar maintains an air of elegance and, with it attracts an alternative LGBTQ+ crowd.

It’s the perfect spot for those looking for a quiet drink without the smutty extras that come with many of the queer bars in Berlin.

Silver Future

Not a Berlin lesbian bar per se, OR a gay bar for that matter; however, the clientele at Silver Future tends to be mainly queer women.

A sign above the door warns customers to ‘leave their hetronormativity’ at the door, so as you can imagine, the vibe is pretty eccentric.

Pros of this Schoneberg establishment are the cheap drinks and welcoming vibes. The cons are that it’s tiny, so it can feel busy.

Lesbian Nightlife Berlin
We love how welcoming Berlin is for us Lesbians

Betty F*** Bar

For a laidback, fun-filled atmosphere, check out the legendary Betty F*** Bar in Central Berlin Mitte.

Drag queens regularly make an appearance here, as well as live DJs and other enticing queer events.

It is a small space; many come here for pre-drinks before hitting the bigger bars and clubs. But weekends can be lively, so you might find yourself here all night.

Lesbian Parties in Berlin

Girlstown Party

A party organised by girls who love girls – for girls who love girls. You know this is going to be good.

Catch the Girlstown Party at the iconic Gretchen Club, but sadly, only on a bi-monthly basis. For this year’s party dates, check out the Facebook page.

This is a strictly female night welcoming lesbian, trans, inter, and bisexual females. Gays and allies are also welcome.


L-Tunes loves lesbians is their motto, and lesbians love them!

This legendary Berlin lesbian party takes place once a month in alternating locations across the city.

To help coordinate your trip, the party usually takes place on the last Saturday of every month, although we suggest checking the Facebook page for updates.

Lesbian Parties in Berlin
Lesbian Parties in Berlin


Founded by the same organisers as Girls Town, Mint is for the electro-loving raver lesbians.

While the crowd is primarily queer women, there are the occasional gay men and straights.

These Berlin lesbian parties are sporadic, so you should keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.


Head over to Neukölln-based Tennis Bar on the 3rd Thursday of every month for their FLINTA party.

A safe space for queer women and all other non-cis male identities, expect a variety of performances, entertainment, and DJ’s.

F*** Your Gender

For our techno-loving babes, look out for these electric FLINTA events that take place sporadically throughout the year.

These events are all about empowering the FLINTA community. They encourage ‘freeing the nipple’ and consensual $ex positivity.

They also want to make it known that this is a safe space for everybody, regardless of how you identify. But cis men are discouraged from attending.

Berlin Lesbian Bar, Parties and Nightlife
Dance the night away in one of these Lesbian Parties in Berlin

GMF @ House of Weekend

GMF is your stereotypical queer party.

Expect cheesy playlists, drag queens, an exuberant crowd, and a large dashing of fabulousness.

You can attend GMF at the exclusive House of Weekend nightclub every Sunday night.

Lesbian Clubs in Berlin


“Cheers, Queers’ says the iconic neon light as you enter this iconic gay and lesbian club in Berlin.

Featuring three rooms of music and entertainment, there’s something for everybody to enjoy here. From drag shows and karaoke to DJs and live performances.

Other than the small dark room, Schwuz is one of the tamer queer clubs in debaucherous Berlin. And there’s always a fun-loving mixed crowd.

Lesbian Clubs in Berlin
Lesbian Clubs in Berlin - Schwuz

Die Busche

An iconic nightclub within the Berlin LGBTQ+ scene, Die Busche was the only gay club in East Germany before reunification.

Today, the party is still going strong, spreading across three floors and attracting a young crowd.

Each room plays a different genre of music ranging from club anthems to disco charts, as well as 80’s & 90’s music.


Once a Gay Club, now an ‘anybody who loves to party’ club, Berghain is considered to be one of the best nightclubs in the world.

Set in a former railway warehouse, patrons queue for hours to get into the exclusive club, which opens from Friday night through to Monday lunchtime.

Be warned, however, that the bouncers at Berghain are notorious for turning people away. There are no set rules as to why; merely that they are looking for the ‘right balance of people’.

Kit Kat

You may have heard of the x-rated goings-on at KitKat Club. If not, let’s just say that it’s a place where, quite literally, anything goes.

You’ll find a mixed bag of gender identities and $exualities at most parties held at KitKat; however, the Revolver party, held on the 2nd Friday of every month, is primarily gay men.

If you’re intimidated about visiting this club, you needn’t be. The club implement a strict consent-only policy and are very selective as to who they let in.

Lesbian Bar, Parties and Nightlife Berlin
Enjoy Lesbian Berlin!

Enjoy Lesbian Berlin!

Well, that concludes our recommendations for Lesbian bars, Lesbian parties & Lesbian Nightlife in Berlin. Did you visit any of these Lesbian bars in Berlin?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. You can reach out to us in the comment section below.

Stay adventurous and happy travels. 

Planning a trip around Berlin? Check out our Germany series for more travel tips and advice. 

Charlotte & Natalie
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