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We receive a lot of requests to guest post for us and we are honoured! But please understand, we created this website from scratch and it is our baby. We need to be selective about the articles we choose to publish. Our priority is to provide helpful, clear and detailed guides to our readers. We have created this page to outline the requirements to save both of our time.

*Please note – this page is for guest post articles only. If you are looking for sponsored posts please see our Work With Us page.

Types of Articles

Here are the types of Guest Post articles we are looking for, however we will review all submissions if you think they would make a good addition to our website:

Travel Itineraries & Guides for example “4 days in Budapest” or “4 days in London“, or a “20 things to do in x” article. This can be for a country or destination from anywhere in the world.

LGBT+ Travel or Lifestyle Guides for example “Gay in Goa” “Gay and Lesbian Berlin“, or “coming out tips”. This can be anything LGBT+ related that would be helpful to our LGBT+ readers.

Off the Beaten Path or Local Guides for example “20 Unusual Hidden Gems in Prague“- Are you a local? Have you visited somewhere unusual? Do you know of hidden gems in popular places? We would love to feature you.

Article Topics

As a guideline, we focus on the following topics for our readers:

  • Couple Travel
  • LGBT+ Travel & Lifestyle
  • Budget Travel
  • Female Travel
  • Responsible Travel
  • Adventure & Wellness Travel
  • Comprehensive Destination Guides
  • Suggested Itineraries & Trip Planning
  • ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Travel and Hidden Gems

What you will get

In exchange for an awesome article, we will provide you with:

Backlink – Currently we have a Domain Authority of 26. You will receive one do-follow backlink in your author’s bio and a link to your social media channel. For articles close to 1500 words you can also link to one non-competing article of your own. If your article is over 2000 words you can have two internal links.

Exposure – gets over 25,000 monthly page views and this figure is continuously rising. We will also share the article across our social media channels which you can follow here: Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.

Guest Post Requirements

Before you send us your submissions, please read the following requirements to make sure to you can adhere to them:

Photos Check List

  • We would prefer all guest authors to provide their own photos but if you need to use stock that is fine, please just let us know where you source it from so we can check we have the rights to use it.
  • All images should be of high quality.
  • We would prefer most of your images to be horizontal.
  • Please rescale your images to 790 pixels and ensure the file is under 300kb.
  • One picture per recommendation. Take a look at our published articles and see how many pictures we provide. If there are 5 things to do in a destination, we will provide a picture for each thing to do plus a few in-between paragraphs to help tell a story.
  • Provide an eye-catching horizontal cover picture with no text on it.
  • Please rename your pictures to explain what they are, for example, ‘Piccadilly circus in London’

Written Content Check List

  • Please ensure you have checked for Spelling and Grammar mistakes, we recommend you use Grammarly – it’s free!
  • Please write in a fun storytelling tone to match our style of writing.
  • We provide detailed, informative articles to our readers, our minimum word count requirement is 1500 words.
  • You can link to one relevant article from your website (as well as a backlink to your home page from your author’s bio)
  • Please link to one or more external sites that may help the reader.
  • No affiliate links, please.
  • Please explore our published blog articles to see what information we provide and get familiar with our style.
  • An excerpt describing your article. No more than 100 words.
  • SEO optimised content – please use keywords throughout your written content (including the excerpt.) These must be naturally placed.
  • We reserve the right to decide not to publish your article if it’s not to the quality and tone of our website.

Bio Check List

  • Please provide a vertical portrait style picture.
  • A short bio written in 3rd person. No more than 100 words.
  • A link to your website and/or social media.

Submitting your Pitch

You can send one or more pitches via the form below. It is really important that your Guest Post Submission is not published anywhere else on the internet. And if your pitch is accepted, you cannot publish the same content anywhere else in the future as this is damaging for SEO.

Once you submit via the form below we will review your pitch ideas and get back to you within 10 days.

What to Expect

If you are accepted, we will discuss more details if necessary and confirm a draft date and completion date.

After the draft version, we may make edits or amendments to the article where we think necessary. We will let you know of any changes made.

Get published, we will let you know when the published date will be, we aim for a fast turn around. Feel free to share across your social channels for higher reach.


We reserve the right to edit, update, amend or remove any articles on our site at any time. We will at some point in the future update the article to keep it current and to boost rankings.

I repeat, it is really important that your Guest Post Submission is not published anywhere else on the internet. And if your pitch is accepted, you cannot publish the same content anywhere else in the future as this is damaging for SEO.

Submission Form

Ok now lets get to the juicy part, pitching your submission! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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