Bedruthan Steps Camping

Bedruthan Steps Camping – Campsites, Glamping, and Wild Camping

If you’re thinking about camping near Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about camping at Bedruthan Steps, whether you have a tent, a campervan, or a caravan.

Carnewas at Bedruthan Steps is one of the most picturesque coastlines in all of Cornwall. 

Cinematic cliffs tower over jagged sea stacks, while the magnificent Atlantic ocean stretches as far as the eye can see.

We only planned a brief stop-off here during our Cornwall road trip. But the views were so incredible that we decided to stay close by to enjoy them some more.

We found that the choices for camping near Bedruthan Steps are pretty limited. However, we did find a couple of campsites in the nearby area, as well as a few options for wild campers.

I’ll be covering it all in the blog post, alongside all the best things to see and do in the area.

So let’s get to it and look at all the options for camping at Bedruthan Steps.

Bedruthan Steps
Bedruthan Steps

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Is it Worth Camping Near Bedruthan Steps?

If you enjoy coastal walks, sunsets, photography, or falling asleep to the sound of the ocean, it’s 100% worth camping near the Bedruthan Steps.

Since we love all of those things, it made perfect sense for us to find a spot nearby where we could park our self-converted campervan for the night.

Besides the coastal walks and scenic views, there are not many things to see and do in the immediate area. 

However, being only a 20-minute drive to Padstow, the same to Newquay, and 35-minutes to The Eden Project, you aren’t short on nearby attractions.

The best part of camping for us, though, was being able to enjoy the area in all its many appearances. 

The view is entirely unique during every sunset and sunrise, dusk and dawn. I can’t think of many better places to spend the day.

Best Time for Camping at Bedruthan Steps

Of course, the ideal time of year for camping is when it’s warm and dry. However, this is the UK, so the weather can be unpredictable.

Statistically, the warmest and driest months in Cornwall are July and August. However, this is also peak time when the kids are off school.

While less developed areas like Bedruthan are unlikely to be busy during this time, other popular seaside destinations in Cornwall will be.

For this reason, we like to plan our trips within 4-6 weeks on either side of the school holidays. It’s still relatively warm and dry during these times, but with only a fraction of the crowds. 

Campsites Near Bedruthan Steps

There are only a couple of campsites near Bedruthan Steps, which is unsurprising considering the lack of tourist infrastructure in the immediate area.

Thankfully, the campsites that are here welcome all types of campers. So whether you’re rocking up with a tent, a campervan, or a caravan, there’s a place for you to stay.

If you have your own facilities and like the idea of wild camping at Bedruthan Steps, there are a few options that I will talk about further down.

In the meantime, I’ll take you through the closest paid campsites near the Bedruthan Steps. 

Bedruthan Steps Campsite
Bedruthan Steps Campsite

Bedruthan Steps Campsite

Conveniently located on the coastal path just minutes away from the steps, Bedruthan Steps Campsite is the best-located site in the area.

Boasting spacious pitches with unrivalled views over the Atlantic, it’s the perfect spot for families, couples, and small groups of friends.

There are no electric hook-ups, so you’ll need to be set up for off-grid (hopefully, you have solar panels installed on your van).

Other than that, though, the facilities are fantastic, including toilets, warm showers, a food shack, and a washing up area.

They even allow for fire pits when the ground isn’t too dry, which you can rent at the site for just £10!

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: No
  • Waste Disposal: Yes
  • BBQs: Yes
  • Campfires: Yes
  • Awnings: Yes 

Magic Cove Touring Park

If you don’t mind being a little further away, Magic Cove is a small family-run campsite welcoming tents, caravans and campervans.

With just 18 pitches available (all with electric hook-ups), availability is limited. However, those lucky enough to secure a place can enjoy a peaceful location with handy facilities.

Carnewas at Bedruthan Steps is accessible less than 5-minutes away by car or a 40-minute scenic walk along the coastal path. 

Or, if you’re looking for things to do closer to home, a family-friendly sandy beach and a selection of pubs and restaurants lie but a stone’s throw away.

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: Yes
  • Waste Disposal: Yes
  • BBQs: Yes – Off the ground.
  • Campfires: Check with staff.
  • Awnings: Yes
Bedruthan Camping
Bedruthan Camping

Macdonald's Farm

We are moving even further out now, heading towards Padstow. However, if you’re coming as a family, Macdonald’s Farm might be an ideal choice.

As the name suggests, the site is set on a farm. Guests can enjoy meeting the animals and riding ponies while sleeping under the stars in an idyllic location.

You can see why the kids would love it, but so will the adults. With an onsite bar and wonderful farm garden, plus access to a pristine local beach, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

If you wanted to visit the Bedruthan Steps, you could drive. Or a steady walk along the coastal path -which is well worth doing for the views alone – will get you there in around an hour.

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: Yes
  • Waste Disposal: Yes
  • BBQs: Yes – Off the ground.
  • Campfires: Yes – Off the ground.
  • Awnings: Yes – so long as it fits within your pitch.

If none of these suits your requirements, you may even consider camping in Padstow or Newquay. There are plenty of campsites in these areas.

Bedruthan Steps Glamping

Nights under the stars, cooking outside, connecting with nature – sounds great, doesn’t it? That is unless you’re a sucker for your home comforts!

That’s where glamping comes in. Get all the benefits of an outdoorsy holiday with the added luxury of a warm and comfortable environment.

Here are some options for glamping near Bedruthan Steps.

Seaview Tipis
Photo: Seaview Tipis

Seaview Tipis

For a one-of-a-kind glamping experience near Bedruthan steps, you won’t want to miss out on staying in these Seaview Tipis.

Overlooking the iconic sea stacks of Bedruthan Steps, the tipis provide a jaw-dropping view of the cinematic coastlines. A Dark Sky registered site, it’s also the perfect location for stargazing.

Each tipi is cosy and welcoming, furnished with bedding, tables, lanterns and an outdoor fire pit. While campsite facilities include toilets, showers, and an onsite food shack.

Macdonald's Farm

I mentioned this spot earlier, so I don’t need to go into much detail about the campsite.  

However, I didn’t mention that they offer glamping accommodation options, this time in the form of bell tents.

I love bell tents as they give me all the festival feels. Especially when they come fully kitted out with comfy beds, rugs, a wood-burning stove and fairy lights.

Camping doesn’t get any easier than this, as all you need to rock up with is yourself! 

wild camping bedruthan
wild camping bedruthan

Free & Wild Camping Near Bedruthan Steps

If you’re a seasoned wild camper, you’ll already know that finding welcoming spots around the UK can be tricky.

This area of Cornwall is no different. Especially since a lot of it is safeguarded by the National Trust, you’ll see ‘no camping’ and ‘no overnight stays’ signs in most car parks.

However, we ended up finding a gem of a spot for wild camping near Bedruthan Steps, as you can see in the photo.

It’s only a layby off the B3276, so there are no facilities. But you get beautiful sunset views over the ocean and can walk to Bedruthan Steps in minutes.

Besides a few cars honking late at night and early in the morning (k*lljoys!), we had no bother at all. There were a few other campers there, so we felt at ease.

We found this park-up on Park4Night, a handy little app for finding free parks ups. Other apps we use for this are Search for Site and Just Park.

On the other hand, if you are looking to wild camp with a tent near Bedruthan Steps, I’m sure there are plenty of spots along the coastal path where you could stealthily pitch up.

Bedruthan Beach View
Bedruthan Beach View

Responsible Camping Near Bedruthan Steps

While it’s frustrating that there’s little acceptance for wild campers at Bedruthan Steps, I can understand why. 

A few campers spoil it for the rest of us by leaving rubbish, disturbing wildlife, or just generally being a d*ck. Don’t be that guy!

Even at the spot I mentioned above, we woke up to a bag of rubbish left by another camper. We took it to a bin, but we shouldn’t have to.

Check out this responsible camping guide on ways you can be a more responsible camper. In the meantime, here are a few basics to keep in mind.

  • Take all rubbish and sanitary waste with you. 
  • If you don’t have a camping toilet, use a trowel to bury human waste.
  • Camp close by to marked trails so as not to disturb wildlife.
  • Minimise fire impact by using raised BBQs and firepits and only when it’s safe.
  • Be considerate of your fellow campers.
  • Respect the interests of other people.
  • When wild camping, arrive late, leave early, and never camp longer than one night in one place.
  • Make pragmatic decisions, and you’ll be just fine.

Things to do Near Bedruthan Steps

If you’re heading to Bedruthan Steps, here are some of the top things to see and do in the nearby area:

Bedruthan Beach
Bedruthan Beach

Bedruthan Beach

Naturally, the Bedruthan Beach is the number one thing to do while camping here. 

Unfortunately, there’s no access to the steps at the moment following a major cliff fall in 2021; however, the footpaths and cliff tops are still open for coastal walks and spectacular views.

If you’re lucky with timing, golden hour will coincide when the tide is neither in nor out, revealing the perfect contrast between ocean, rock, and sand with a golden glow.

We did see some people on the beach while we were there, so they must have found a way down. But to do so is at your own risk as the cliff face is clearly unstable.

Coastal Walk
Coastal Walk

Coastal Walks

The next unmissable thing to do in the area is to stroll along the coastal path.

In these parts, you’ll find some of the most dramatic coastlines in all of the UK, which makes walking the SW coastal path feel like a true adventure.

The path winds up and down the craggy cliffs, revealing hidden coves, golden sandy beaches, and unrivalled views over the Atlantic. 


 Local Beaches

There are a few accessible beaches in the area, so don’t be too upset if Bedruthan is closed.

Porthcothan, for example, is a gorgeous sandy beach, and it’s just minutes away by car or an hour’s walk along the coast.

A sheltered beach with crystal clear water and convenient facilities nearby, it’s the ideal spot to hang out for the day.



If you’re staying in the area, I highly recommend a day trip to nearby Padstow.

There are a ton of exciting things to see in Padstow, and it’s just a really cool place to hang out for the day. 

Enjoy the magnificent beaches and stunning coastal walks before eating and drinking your way around the energetic harbour. 



One of Cornwall’s most popular seaside destinations, Newquay is just a 20-minute drive from Bedruthan Steps.

With no shortage of attractions in Newquay, you could easily spend a week here and not get bored.

It’s especially renowned for its water sporting activities, with surf schools prevalent on most beaches. 



If ancients ruins, legendary history, and dramatic coastal views sound up your street, you mustn’t miss visiting Tintagel.

It’s an extraordinary and exciting place with some of the best landscapes that we encountered during all our time in Cornwall.

It’s also really easy to camp in Tintagel, so be sure to include this spot on your Cornwall itinerary!

Enjoy Your Bedruthan Steps Camping Trip!

That concludes our guide on camping near Bedruthan Steps. I hope you’ve found it helpful and that you’re looking forward to your trip! 

We love hearing from you! If you have any questions or feel that we’ve missed anything, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the comment section.

If heading to the Lake District, check out our entire series of articles here. There’s a Lake District itinerary and plenty more to help you organise your trip. 

Stay Adventurous & Happy Travels.

Charlotte & Natalie
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