Tintagel Camping

Camping Near Tintagel – Campsites, Glamping, and Wild Camping

If you’re planning a camping trip to Tintagel, Cornwall, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll share everything you need to know about camping near Tintagel, whether you have a tent, a motorhome, or a caravan.

Tintagel is one of the most interesting locations in all of Cornwall. A fascinating historic town with breathtaking landscapes to boot, it’s somewhere I see us returning to time and time again.

We discovered Tintagel during a spectacular road trip around Cornwall. Out of all the beautiful places we visited, Tintagel remains a highlight.

There aren’t loads of options when it comes to camping in Tintagel. However, we did find a couple of campsites in the nearby area, as well as a few options for wild campers.

 I’ll be covering it all in the blog post, alongside all the exciting things to see and do near Tintagel.

So let’s get to it and plan your perfect camping trip to Tintagel, Cornwall.

Camping Near Tintagel
Camping Near Tintagel

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Is it Worth Camping Near Tintagel?

Unless you dislike cinematic coastal views, quaint fairytale villages, and exciting historic buildings, it is 100% worth camping near Tintagel.

Many visitors come to Tintagel, see the infamous castle ruins, and leave. Completely unaware of all the other things to do around Tintagel waiting to be discovered.

Not only that, though, there’s something incredibly endearing about Tintagel. Despite the obvious myths and legends, a sense of magic and wonder lingers in the air.

We ended up camping in Tintagel for 2-nights but agreed we could have easily stayed longer. Even just to spend lazy days eating and drinking around the village.

It’s just a warm and welcoming place to be – especially when the sun is shining. So I hope you find the time to stay or camp in the area. 

Tintagel Cornwall
Tintagel Cornwall

Best Time to Camp in Tintagel

Of course, the ideal time of year for camping in Cornwall is when it’s warm and dry.

We love camping, and we love van life, but there’s nothing fun about camping in the rain.

The warmest and driest months in Cornwall are July and August. But since this also coincides with the school holidays, it can be a hectic time in places like Tintagel.

With that in mind, we like to plan our trips within 4-6 weeks on either side of peak time.

It’s still relatively warm and dry during that time, but the crowds are far more manageable. 

Campsites Near Tintagel

Unlike when we camped in nearby Padstow, there are only a handful of campsites around Tintagel.

Thankfully, there are options regardless of whether you have a tent, a camper, a motorhome, or a caravan.

If you have your own facilities and like the idea of wild camping in Tintagel, there are a few spots in the area that I cover further down.

First, I’ll take you through the closest paid campsites near Tintagel. 

Camping Near Tintagel
Camping Near Tintagel

The Headland Caravan Park

Just a 10-15 minute walk from Tintagel Castle, The Headland Caravan Park is one of the best-located campsites in the area.

Here we have an ideal family-friendly campsite, where you can bring your own vehicle or tent to camp or rent one of their static caravans.

Its idyllic location on the SW coast allows jaw-dropping coastal views that this area is famous for. A prime spot to enjoy magnificent sunsets and nights spent under the stars.

Fantastic facilities add to the appeal, with toilet blocks, hot showers, and pamper areas. Basically everything you need for a comfortable stay.

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: Yes
  • Waste Disposal: Yes
  • BBQs: Yes.
  • Campfires: No
  • Awnings: Yes
Camping Near Tintagel
Camping Near Tintagel

Trewethett Farm Club Campsite

Another well-rated campsite near Tintagel is Trewethett Farm Club Campsite.

This one is a little further out from the village, reachable in 5-mins by car or 30-40 mins on foot. 

However, it’s right on top of the Rocky Valley, a stunning woodland glen with waterfalls and walking trails that you won’t want to miss.

Despite its distance from town, the scenery and peaceful location make up for the little extra effort.

The park has all the conveniences you need for a stress-free camping experience, like hot showers, toilets, and water-refill points.

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: Yes
  • Waste Disposal: Yes.
  • BBQs: Yes.
  • Campfires: No
  • Awnings: Yes

Little Clifden Campsite

Not too far from Trewethett Farm Club is Little Clifden Campsite.

Again, it’s a little further out from Tintagel; however, it’s a real gem for those who don’t mind the extra effort.

Unrivalled peace and quiet, stunning coastal views, and a connection with nature are all advantages that their rural location allows.

Facilities include portaloos, hot showers, and water-refill points.

  • Dogs: Yes
  • Electric Hook Ups: No
  • Waste Disposal: Yes
  • BBQs: Yes
  • Campfires: No
  • Awnings: Yes – depending on availability.
Camping Near Tintagel
Camping Near Tintagel

Tintagel Duck Farm Campsite

A no-frills, tent-only campsite near Tintagel is Tintagel Duck Farm Campsite.

The site is set on a working bird farm, as the name suggests. So expect to encounter friendly ducks, chickens, and turkeys roaming freely throughout camp.

This campsite promises a wild camping experience with added reassurance in a rural location with gorgeous panoramic views. 

Onsite facilities like portaloos, showers, and charging points will also come in handy.

  • Dogs: No
  • Electric Hook Ups: No
  • Waste Disposal: No
  • BBQs: Yes
  • Campfires: No
  • Awnings: Yes – depending on availability.

Glamping Near Tintagel

Nights under the stars, cooking outside, connecting with nature, this is what camping is all about. But not everybody likes to be stripped right back to basics.

That’s where glamping offers a wonderful alternative. Enjoy all the pleasures of an outdoor holiday with the added luxury of a warm and comfortable environment.

If you want to go glamping near Tintagel, you should prepare to be a little way out of town. Although, I found some fantastic options, all within a 20-minute drive.

From cosy clamping lodges and impressive geodomes to innovative cabins raised high above the ground, let’s look at the best glamping options around Tintagel.



I’ll start with what seems to be one of the most exciting glamping sites in all of the UK.

I’ve not had the pleasure of staying myself; however, upon reading the reviews and seeing the photos, it’s at the top of our to-do list the next time we are in town.

Kudhva promises a genuinely magical off-grid experience. A place where guests can disconnect from reality to reconnect with nature.

Set in an abandoned quarry overlooking the sea, it’s a place to enjoy all the elements. As well as unique accommodation options like their elevated Kudhvas, Shanti Tipis, and Tree Tents. 

Bossiney Bay Holiday Village

For a more family-friendly glamping experience near Tintagel, you might want to consider Bossiney Bay Holiday Village.

Surrounded by lush green countryside with access to the coastal path, it’s perfect for walking holidays and enjoying the Tintagel attractions.

The site has a range of fully-equipped cottages and luxury lodges available to hire, designed to create a home from home experience.

Camping Near Tintagel


If you don’t mind being a little further away from town, Ekopod is another quirky glamping site just a 20-minutes drive from town.

Set in an area known as the “Peaceful Valley”, you can enjoy either a unique geodome or a boutique tent.

The geodomes remind me of the glass igloo we stayed at in Lapland, allowing for romantic and cosy nights looking up at the stars.

Both options are well-equipped with a king-size bed, cosy wood-burning stove, and nearby facilities. While their idyllic and spacious locations provide picturesque views. 

Wild Camping Near Tintagel

Free & Wild Camping Near Tintagel

If you’re a seasoned wild camper, you’ll already know that the UK isn’t the most welcoming of places.

There are, however, a few places where wild camping is tolerated, and Tintagel seems to be one of them.

If you’re travelling with a campervan or motorhome, many of the car parks in the village allow for overnight stays. 

There is a small fee, but it’s nice to know that you won’t be disturbed during the middle of the night.

We found a gem of a spot for wild camping in Tintagel at the far end of Atlantic Road. It was just £5 for an overnight stay to be paid in cash via an honesty box.

Out of all the park-ups in town, this was the cheapest and had the best views over the ocean. There are no onsite facilities, but public toilets are just a 5-minute walk away.

If you’re looking for free park-ups, you might need to travel further away from the village. Park4Night is an excellent app for finding local park-ups, as is Search for Site and Just Park.

On the other hand, to wild camp near Tintagel with a tent is far more manageable. 

Not only do many local campsites provide a nearly wild camping experience. But there are various remote spots along the coastal path where you could stealthily pitch up for the night.

Responsible Camping Near Tintagel

Regardless of whether you are wild camping near Tintagel or staying at a campsite, there is certain camping etiquette that you should follow.

Check out this responsible camping guide for a comprehensive list. In the meantime, here are some key pointers to keep in mind.

  • Take all rubbish and sanitary waste with you. 
  • If you don’t have a camping toilet, use a trowel to bury human waste.
  • Camp close by to marked trails so as not to disturb wildlife.
  • Minimise fire impact by using raised BBQs and firepits and only when it’s safe.
  • Be considerate of your fellow campers.
  • Respect the interests of other people.
  • When wild camping, arrive late, leave early, and never camp longer than one night in one place.
  • Make pragmatic decisions, and you’ll be just fine.

Things to do in and around Tintagel

If you’re heading to Tintagel, you’ll want to check out my guide on the 12 best things to do in and around Tintagel

In the meantime, here’s a taster of the Tintagel highlights that you have to look forward to.

  • Tintagel Castle
  • Secret Beach & Merlins Cave
  • St Nectans Glen
  • Tintagel Village
  • Coastal Walks

Enjoy Your Tintagel Camping Trip!

That concludes our guide on camping near Tintagel. I hope you’ve found it helpful and that you’re looking forward to your trip! 

We love hearing from you! If you have any questions or feel that we’ve missed anything, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the comment section.

If heading to the Lake District, check out our entire series of articles here. There’s a Lake District itinerary and plenty more to help you organise your trip. 

Stay Adventurous & Happy Travels. 

Charlotte & Natalie
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