Lapland Winter Packing List

What to Wear in Lapland: Winter Packing List

Wondering what to wear in Lapland? I’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll find a list of must-have winter items to pack in your suitcase.

Lapland is the ultimate Christmas destination in Europe. Enchanting landscapes, whimsical villages, all-year-round Christmas spirit – it’s a childhood dream come true.

Honestly, I usually try to escape the colder weather. So the possibility of experiencing temperatures as low as – 30 C in Lapland scared me a little.

However, it’s all about knowing what to wear in Lapland during winter so you can enjoy this fairy tale destination to it’s absolute fullest.

So with that in mind, here’s our ultimate winter packing list for Lapland.

Lapland in Winter
Check out our Winter Packing List for Lapland

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Lapland Packing List Essentials

Lapland Winter Packing List

Snowmobile tour lapland
Snowmobile tour lapland

Lightweight & Waterproof Winter Coat  

Arguably the most essential item on your winter packing list for Lapland. You’re going to need a winter coat every time you walk outside. 

(That is unless you decide to take part in a traditional Finnish ‘cold therapy’ sauna, but that’s another story).

While you will want your coat to be warm and waterproof, you also don’t want it to be too heavy. 

Waterproof Boots/Snow Boots with Grip

There is nothing worse than having wet and cold feet, so investing in a good pair of winter boots or shoes is well worthwhile. 

Do make sure they are designed for icy conditions though, as it’s incredibly painful (and potentially dangerous) falling over on the ice – just ask Natalie! 

Thick & Warm Jumpers

In my experience, it’s better to overdress and have to take layers off, rather than underdress and have no other choice than to put up with being cold. 

With this in mind, pack some thick warm jumpers to wear underneath your coat. I survived in thick hoodies while Natalie had her grandma’s wool jumpers.  


You’ll want a t-shirt underneath your jumper for when you transition from outdoors to indoors. Trust me, the heat is real, and you’ll want to strip off immediately. 

Winter Packing List for Lapland

Ski Trousers/Joggers

If you want to ensure your trousers will be waterproof, it’s worth investing in some ski trousers like these which are also sure to keep you warm. 

Personally, we survived with just joggers and jeans with thermals underneath, and our tour operator provided waterproof overalls for the activities.

Thermal Underwear

Leggings, vests, socks – purchase them all. We both could swear that thermals were the reason we never felt the cold during our time in Lapland. They are a gem! 

Swim Wear

You’ll want your swimwear for when you go to the Finnish saunas. That is unless you want to do it the authentic way and go completely naked.

Winter Packing List for Lapland
What to wear for Lapland in Winter

Accessories to Wear in Lapland


In my opinion, scarves are one of the most essential winter accessories to bring to Lapland. 

They help protect your neck from the wind and therefore help you to feel the cold much less. 

Again, wool is an excellent material when purchasing a scarf for Lapland. 

Beanie Hat

To keep your head and ears warm. Keep in mind the materials to avoid, such as acrylic and cotton.

Husky Tour in Lapland
In Love with the puppies on the Husky Tour in Lapland


You’ll want to get gloves that are waterproof, windproof, and warm for outdoor activities. Some tour operators may provide them, but it’s worth having some of your own all the same. 

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are the underrated winter accessory of the century. Slip them inside your gloves, shoes, pants or wherever else you might need that added bit of warmth. They work like a charm.

Ski Mask

When taking part in activities such as husky sledding and snowmobiling, a ski mask will help protect your face from windburn. 


For when it’s sunny.  Duh! 

winter outfits in lapland

Cosmetics to Pack for Lapland


The harsh winter weather can be harmful to the skin, so you’ll need a heavy-duty moisturiser to keep your skin feeling soft & smooth. 

We do not believe in buying expensive beauty products and swear by our trusted Nivea cream for all weather and situations.

It’s best to avoid water-based moisturisers in cold temperatures. 

Body Cream

As above, go with a body cream that isn’t water-based. 

Lip Balm

The lips suffer just as much as the skin. Take a good moisturising lip balm such as this one by Carmex.

Sun Cream

In the later winter months, the UV rays can be strong, and you can still get burnt even when there’s snow on the ground.

Reindeer Safari lapland
Reindeer Safari in Lapland – a magical experience

Electricals to Pack for Lapland


You will make memories to last a lifetime in Lapland. But it’s wonderful to capture those moments on camera as well. If there’s any time worth investing in a decent camera, it’s now.

We use the Sony A7 II (See a full list of our photography gear here), but even the latest iPhones such as the 14 pro, take professional photos and video these days. 


We always joke that our tripod is the third wheel in our relationship as we couldn’t live without it. It’s perfect for capturing photos of all the family without having to rely on somebody else.

Go Pro & Accessories

Unlike your phone or camera, Go Pros are durable, which makes them ideal for capturing photos and film during your winter activities. We have the Go Pro 8 and use it with a chest mount or helmet strap.

feeding reindeers lapland

Gimble Stabiliser

If you don’t have a go pro, it’s worth having a gimble stabiliser for your phone or camera. This will allow you to capture smooth video footage, even when moving at fast speeds. We use the Osmo 3 gimble for mobile.

Power Bank

What with the cold temperatures and heavy usage, your gadgets will be under a lot of pressure. You may find the battery doesn’t last as long as usual.

The solution is a power bank that allows you to charge while you’re out and about. We use this power bank by Anker, which enables us to charge multiple devices at a time.

Head Torch

Depending on when you visit, some days during the winter in Lapland only see 3-4 hours of daylight. Therefore, it makes sense to have a waterproof head torch so you can go about your day once the sun has set. 

winter lapland

What to Wear in Lapland

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your Lapland winter packing list. 

Winter Activities

For winter activities such as a husky sledding tour or a reindeer safari most tour operators will provide a waterproof overall, boots, and gloves. But you’ll still need to have warm clothing beneath all that. 

Warmth over Fashion 

We understand the need to look good in your Lapland photos. It’s a once in a lifetime trip after all. However, never sacrifice warmth for fashion. 

Trust me; it will ruin your trip if you’re cold all the time. And as we found out, winter fashion can be equally as flattering and trendy.    

Check the Damn Material 

Some materials just don’t cut it in winter. Leave your cotton and acrylic at home, and pack items that are wool, wool-blend, or silk.  

Be Prepared for a Temperature Shift

While outdoors may be freezing, as soon as you go inside you’ll be submitted to extreme heat. 

The locals love to have fires blazing, so be sure to have some cooler attire on underneath your winter layers so you can strip off. 

Enjoy this Guide to What to Wear in Lapland?

Well, that concludes our winter packing list for Lapland.

I hope you now have a better idea of what to pack for Lapland to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout your trip.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact us in the comment section below.

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

finland flag

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Charlotte & Natalie
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The Ultimate Winter Packing List for Lapland

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