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We travelled from Ubud to Mount Batur with Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tour, for what turned out to be one of the most memorable mornings of our lives. If you are considering doing the same, we hope our comprehensive guide will help convince you to plan your own Mount Batur Sunrise Trek.  

Of all the exciting adventures we got up to in Indonesia, trekking to Mount Batur for sunrise was one of our favourites. We thought the tri-colour lakes of Kelimutu or encountering Komodo dragons in Flores, would be hard to beat. But no, Mount Batur remains a strong contender.

I have to admit, starting the journey from Ubud to Mount Batur at 2 am was less than appealing. However, the magical moment of experiencing sunrise atop an active volcano was the ultimate reward. If you are to drag yourself out of bed for only one sunrise during your time in Bali, make it this one.

In this blog post, we cover everything you need to know about trekking to Mount Batur for sunrise. We include prices of the trek, tour guide information, what to expect & a detailed account of our experience, to help prepare you for the challenge ahead.

Ubud to Mount Batur with Bali Sunrise Trekking

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mount batur sunrise
Magical sunrises are to be experienced at Mount Batur

How to get from Ubud to Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located around the heart of Bali, as you can see on the pinned map location below. Consequently, it’s easiest to access from Ubud, Amed (East), or Lovina (North). You can also travel there from Canggu or Seminyak; however, if you want to trek Mount Batur for sunrise, it means an especially early start.

We travelled from Ubud to Mount Batur with Sunrise Trekking. With no traffic on the roads, the journey time was 1hr 30 minutes. It isn’t a requirement to complete the hike with a tour group or guide; however, we felt reassured in doing so. Not only that but booking with a tour company includes transport to and from your hotel. We also like to support the local businesses where we can, and all in all, the price was well justified.  

Ubud to Mount Batur Map

mount batur sunrise

Facts about Mount Batur

We get it; you want to know a little bit more about this active volcano that you’re going to wake up absurdly early to summit.  

Well, here are some facts about Mount Batur that will hopefully help to put your mind at rest.

How Tall is Mount Batur?

Standing tall at the height of 1717 metre above sea level, Mount Batur is the 2nd tallest volcano on Bali island. The tallest volcano is prodigious Mount Agung at 3031 metres.

When did Mount Batur last erupt?

Mount Batur is indeed an active volcano; however, there is no need to worry about safety. The volcanic activity is monitored daily by seismologists, and there hasn’t been an eruption since the year 2000.  

Is trekking Mount Batur Safe?

Taking all things into consideration, trekking Mount Batur, in our opinion, is very safe. If there were any risk of an eruption, trekking tours would be cancelled immediately as they have been for Agung.  

Of course, all the best adventures have an element of risk involved; but you have little to worry about when summiting Batur. Nevertheless, as always, we advise you never to attempt any hike without travel insurance.  

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Ubud to Mount Batur Bali Sunrise
One of the best hikes we have ever experienced.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Details

Here is some vital information regarding the Mount Batur Sunrise Trek. While some of these details will vary from person to person, it should give you some idea of what to expect.

Hike Distance 

The total round distance of the Mount Batur Trek is between 10-12 KM dependent on which routes you take. Some are shorter but steeper, and conversely, the others are longer but less of an incline.

Hike Elevation

The summit of Mount Batur sits at the height of 1717 metres above sea-level; however, the trail actually commences at around 1000 metres. So all in all, the hike elevation is just over 700m.

Hike Difficulty

We consider ourselves to be reasonably fit, and not long before trekking Mount Batur, we conquered the hike to Annapurna Base Camp. Nevertheless, both of us found the hike to be moderately difficult. Again, it depends on the route you take. Your guide will likely give you a choice on the day. We took the harder route which got incredibly steep for the final few hundred-metre incline. I think many would consider this part difficult; however, before that point, it was a pretty steady climb.  

Hike Duration

The suggested duration to summit Mount Batur Hike is 2 hours. However, naturally, this is dependent on how fast you trek. We completed the hike in around 1hr 40 minutes, but our guide told us that was pretty fast. With this in mind, I think most hikers can expect to reach the top in 1.5-2.5 hours. For the descent back to base, you can cut your summit time in half.

mount batur sunrise bali
Stunning colours lit up the sky for sunrise at Mount Batur!

Ubud to Mount Batur Timeline

Here is a timeline of events from our journey from Ubud to Mount Batur with Sunrise Trekking.

2.00 am – Pick up from our apartment in Ubud

3.00 am – Stop for a breakfast of pancakes & coffee

3.45 am – Arrive at Sunrise Trekking Base Camp

4.00 am – Commence trek from 1000m

4.40 am – 5-minute respite and water break

5.10 am – Another quick stop for a breather

5.40 am – Summit Mount Batur 

6.00 am – Sun begins to rise

7.30 am – Breakfast atop Mount Batur

9.00 am – Start descent back to base camp

9.50 am – Arrive at base camp

12 Noon – Drop off at our apartment in Ubud

mount batur night
Hiking Mount Batur under the Milky Way was incredible!

Our Experience from Ubud to Mount Batur for Sunrise

Following a restless 3-4 hours sleep, our alarm rung out to let us know it was time to wake up. It was the unearthly hour of 1.30 am — a time we are only accustomed to seeing if we are partying. Bleary-eyed and disoriented, we hurried to get dressed and prepare for pick-up.

Ari, our driver, was already waiting when we got outside at 2 am. Following the usual pleasantries of ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’, the ride to breakfast was quiet. I don’t think anybody enjoys conversating at that time of the morning. Again, of course, unless you are out partying.

An hour or so passed in a blur. Not quite asleep, but not quite awake. Ari turned to let us know we’d arrived for breakfast. It was still pitch black outside, other than the light protruding from the small warung perched at the side of the road. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.

A dozen or so other hikers were waiting for breakfast in the open-aired warung. We were grateful for having wrapped up at this point, as the air was crisp and fresh. Shortly after being seated, a modest breakfast of Balinese pancakes and coffee arrived. We hadn’t even thought of food at this point, but it tasted great and went down far easier than expected. I guess you could request to skip breakfast if you fancied the extra 20 minutes in bed!

A quick toilet break later, and we were back in the car heading towards base camp. Breakfast had clearly hit the spot as everybody was far more talkative for the final 30-minutes of the drive. The road weaved through what appeared to be a dense jungle area, and you could tell we were steadily approaching higher land.

We arrived at base camp at 3.45 am, which was perfect timing. Eagerly anticipating a clear morning, the first thing we did was look up to the sky. There was not a cloud in sight. Instead, a blanket of stars and the milky way adorned the night sky. We couldn’t believe our luck. It was simply mesmerising.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek – The Ascent 

Ari quickly introduced us to our guide Lana, who supplied us with flashlights for the trek. It was still pitch black, and I have to say, to begin with, the trail felt eerie and mysterious. Almost like something could jump out at you at any moment. Thankfully, Lana kept things light-hearted and upbeat. He was incredibly sweet, continually checking if we were ok and asking if he could carry our bags.  

The initial 30-minute stretch felt like a walk in the park. This part of the trek leads you through some local farmland before the dense forest swallows you whole. We’d imagined the trail to be far busier than it was, and we moved at a moderate pace with no hold-ups. 

It was only as we arrived at the first checkpoint – a small warung in the woods – other groups suddenly appeared. From this point, a choice of trails lead off into different directions. One of the routes is, in fact, a road which leads to just below the summit. Those who don’t want to hike can even take a motorbike taxi to this point.  

We opted for the other route, which is a narrow trail through the forest. This route is said to be slightly harder than the road, as it’s steeper and loose gravel makes it slippery. Our pace had undoubtedly slowed down by this point, but Lana insisted we were way ahead of schedule. We pushed through as hard as we could, feeling the burn but enjoying the challenge. 

Soon enough, the forest spat us out, and we were in open territory. We looked behind us to see the first glimpse of sunlight rising behind the mighty Mount Agung. There was still barely a cloud insight, and we knew sunrise was going to special. We peered down at the distant lights of the village, with a small sense of achievement. ’30 minutes’ Lana called. And motivated by the view, we gritted down for the finale.

ubud to Mount Batur Trek
TIP – Wait till after sunrise to have the whole place to yourself!

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek – The Summit

We found the final 30-minutes of the trek to be the hardest, but also the most fun. The route is that steep it feels more like a climb than a trek, and the views get better and better the higher you go. As we approached the top, the sky was already putting on quite the show. Deep shades of orange and red, creating an intimidating shadow out of Agung.  

Finally, the words we’d been waiting for escaped Lanas’ lips. ‘We’re here’ he cried, and an overwhelming feeling of achievement washed over us. Whether you enjoy hiking or not, at this point, you know it was all worth it. Not only because of that astonishing view, but because of all that you’ve accomplished. And it’s not even 6 am!  

Lana led us to the very far end of the trail which, despite boasting the best view in the house, was devoid of hikers. It was that peaceful, all we could do was stop and stare in awe of natures beauty. The sky continued to transform in a plethora of colour until the sun had well and truly risen. In that time we’d taken hundreds of photos and flown the drone out over the lake capturing the view.  

Soon enough, it was time for breakfast. Lana cooked us eggs over a steam pocket rising up from the volcano, and served them alongside some bread, a banana & biscuits. You’ll see the steam rising everywhere at the summit, and it’s a cosy little spot to warm-up when you get cold. It’s one of the most unusual breakfast experiences we’ve had, but it tasted great. I know what I’ll be saying the next time somebody asks how I like my eggs in the morning! 

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek – The Descent

We could have stayed all day marvelling the view. The golden hour glow equally as magical as the sunrise itself. But, reluctantly, we followed Lana back along the trail, where groups of monkeys helped themselves to the leftover breakfast. By this point we were eager to get back down, so we picked up the pace. At some points we were almost running which felt easier on the dirt road – the ‘easy’ route I referenced earlier.  

As we reached base camp, the adrenaline of the experience quickly melted away, only to be replaced by exhaustion. We’d made it, and we wanted to celebrate, but, now, it was time to rest.  

What to Wear for Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

You will want to be comfortable for the trek, but at the same time be prepared for cold temperatures at the summit. With this in mind, here is what we recommend you wear.

  • Pair of broken-in hiking boots – or trainers with a good grip will also suffice. We Recommend: Aleader 2 in 1 Hiking Shoes. Use code OURTASTEFORLIFE15 for 15% off your order.
  • T-shirt or vest
  • A thin hoodie or jumper
  • Trekking pants – or comfortable leggings/trousers.
  • Trekking socks
  • Scarf & Gloves – You won’t need these on for long, but you’ll be grateful for them at the summit.
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or Bandana
  • Insect Repellent
  • Fitbit – A useful piece of kit to keep track of steps, distance, and calories!  

What to Pack for Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

We also recommend taking along these few items in a small backpack. Remember not to overpack though as the extra weight could slow you down.

  • A bottle of water. 
  • Light Snacks – Nuts, protein bars, and bananas are great trekking snacks.
  • Flashlight – Check if your tour guide provides these!
  • Camera & Drone – So many photo & video opportunities! Suggested Read:  Our Travel Photography Gear
  • Raincoat – Just in case. 
  • A blanket or scarf – To provide extra warmth at the summit.
  • Blister Plasters – Again, just-in-case.
  • Suncream

Ubud to Mount Batur with Bali Sunrise Trekking – Price

To trek Mount Batur with Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tour will set you back around $40-50/pax, depending on the size of your group. Groups of 4 or more can expect a small discount.  

Included in the price is transport to & from the trek, a professional guide, all entrance fees, and breakfast/snacks. We’ve compared this price with other trekking tours in Bali, and we struggled to find a better deal.  

We can highly recommend Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tour, after a having a great experience with them. Furthermore, if you mention ‘ourtasteforlife’ at the time of booking, you can expect a small discount on the price.

Contact Ari via What’s App on – +62 8133 8668 454, to make your booking.  

ubud to Mount Batur Trek

Where to Stay for Mount Batur Sunrise Trek

If you are yet to arrive in Bali, here are some recommendations for hotels and guesthouses nearby the Mount Batur Sunrise Trek. On the other hand, if you are travelling from Ubud to Mount Batur, we list some suggestions for Ubud as well.

Close to Mount Batur

HomestaySongan Homestay – To experience the warm and welcoming Balinese culture, Songan Homestay is the perfect choice ahead of your Mount Batur trek. The rooms are clean & comfortable, the hospitality 5*, and best of all, you’re just a short drive away from the hiking trail.

BudgetBintang House – For those on a budget, Bintang House is another comfortable option nearby Mount Batur. Each bungalow has a private bathroom, air-conditioning and a beautiful garden view.

Mid-Range LuxuryVilla Jempana – For a touch of luxury before or after your trek, Villa Jempana is a stunning option that doesn’t break the bank. Boasting an unrivalled view of Lake Batur, private villas, and an outdoor pool, the vibe is super chilled and peaceful.  

For more places to stay near Mount Batur, you can check the latest prices here.


Hostel – Puji Hostel and Bungalow – Set just a short 10-minute walk away from Ubud market, Puji Hostel and Bungalow offer comfortable dorm-style rooms in a picturesque location. The swimming pool overlooks sweeping rice fields, while guests can also enjoy the on-site restaurant and common area.

Budget Private – Gatra Ubud Inn – Located in the heart of Ubud, Gatra Ubud Inn is a traditional Balinese style property boasting a beautiful garden and comfortable rooms. All rooms come equipped with a private bathroom and wifi is available throughout the property.

Luxury – Element by Westin Bali – After spending 4-nights at Element Westin Bali, we can highly recommend this stunning hotel in Ubud if you seek a touch of luxury.  

For more places to stay in Ubud, you can check the latest prices here

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Well, that concludes our guide, Ubud to Mount Batur with Bali Sunrise Trekking.  If you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here!

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

Charlotte & Natalie x

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