support pride as a straight ally

5 Unexpectedly Fun Ways to Support Pride as a Straight Ally

Are you a straight ally interested in being more proactive and supportive during Pride month and even afterwards?

There are hundreds of tips online on how to be a better ally. Attend the gay Pride parade! Educate yourself on LGBTQ+ history! Sound familiar?

Although these are all perfectly valid ways to support the queer community, we also get that visiting museums and watching documentaries might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for a funner approach, we’re all for it.

We found some cool activities you can do virtually anywhere while encouraging support beyond just Pride month. Because ultimately, the queer community should be recognised and respected 365 days of the year.

From supporting top queer clothing brands to throwing your own dance parties, here are some fun and unique ways to support Pride as an ally. 

support pride as a straight ally

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1. Throw Your Own Pride Party

Love the high energy of Pride parades? You can recreate that same inclusive energy right at home by throwing your own Pride party.

Set the mood by decking out your space with Pride decor, like balloons, banners, and Pride flags. Invite all your closest friends, regardless if they’re queer or not. Pass out gay fans as party favours.

We encourage you to get as creative as you want. Create a playlist that includes iconic Pride anthems and newer queer artists. Gather a selection of gay-owned wines and beers, or buy desserts from a local gay-owned bakery.

Still trying to decide what Pride outfit to party in? Now’s the perfect opportunity to support gay fashion retailers, like that sell top gay clothing brands all year round, especially if you’re looking for something more unique than the average gay Pride shirt.

Remember, queer clothes are designed for self-expression, so wear whatever resonates with your party style!

Oh, and don’t forget to propose a toast to all the LGBTQ+ activists that got us here because you wouldn’t be celebrating without them. 

Pride care package idea

2. Send a Pride Care Package to a Loved One

What better way to show your support than by making someone’s day with a Pride care package filled with all their favourite things? (This is another excellent opportunity to support queer-owned stores while shopping for gift ideas.)

You can include their favourite rainbow-coloured treats, which make perfect gifts for Pride. If they’re into stylish gay apparel, elevate the gift box with the latest LGBTQ trends, also available at trendy gay clothing stores like online menswear retailer

Pride makeup is another small, affordable gift idea that won’t weigh your box down for shipping, such as guyliner, tinted lip balm, nail polish, and body glitter. Finish it with personal touches, like a personalised card and photos.

how to be a straight ally

3. Lounge to Queer Music, Books, Movies, Podcasts, etc.

Sometimes, being supportive can be as simple as watching a movie or reading a book that accurately represents the queer community.

Thanks to all the different streaming services out there now, there’s no shortage of LGBTQ entertainment (like these lesbian movies)

It’s never been easier to kick back and binge-watch a new LGBTQ+ series on your phone. Get lost in an LGBTQ memoir following the highs and lows of someone’s unique journey to self-discovery.

Not a reader? Try listening to a gay podcast or lesbian audiobook instead while catching up on errands. 

4. Get Dressed Up for an LGBTQ Fashion Event

Anyone that follows fashion should definitely attend an LGBTQ fashion event at least once in their life.

Whether you’re into gay or lesbian fashion or gender-neutral clothing lines, this is your chance to discover new lesbian and gay apparel while also showing support.

Queer fashion is not only about setting trends but also sends a quiet message of solidarity. For years, gay outfits have helped individuals express their identities, especially during those coming-of-age moments when words don’t suffice.

Don’t know what to wear to a gay fashion event? Check if there’s a pre-planned theme or dress code. If not, wear whatever makes you feel like your most fashionable self.

5. Attend (or host your own) LGBTQ Games Night 

If you’re in need of a fun night out, you can usually find LGBTQ game nights hosted at local bars or restaurants in your area, like drag bingo and LGBTQ trivia nights.

Sometimes these events are simply to socialise with queer folks in your neighbourhood, and there’s nothing more supportive than making new friends.

Alternatively, you can host your own games night if you have little going on in your area. Just order some LGBTQ card games or board games, like Pride Bingo, The Queer Agenda, or Pride-themed playing cards.

If you’re playing for a monetary prize, you can have the winner donate their wins to an LGBTQ+ charity of their choice.

Many national charities are making a difference now, such as the Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, and National Center for Transgender Equality. 

Gay Brighton

Did You Find a Way To Support Pride?

So there you have it, 5 Unexpectedly Fun Ways to Support Pride as a Straight Ally.

Which one is your favourite? Are there any other ways to be a supportive straight ally that deserves a spot on this list?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. You can reach out to us in the comment section below.

Happy Pride.

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