Watching the sunset in Udaipur is the perfect way to end any day spent in the white city. As the setting sun casts its magical golden glow over the city, the glistening white rooftops twinkle like gold. The sky transforms into a plethora of colour, and the entire city appears to fall silent – as if hypnotised by Mother Nature herself.

We spent almost 2-weeks in Udaipur, and we rarely missed the sunset. The only thing that prevented us from chasing the sunset on a couple of occasions was a nasty dose of Delhi Belly. We loved how watching the sun disappear behind the Aravali mountain range had us forgetting we were in a city at all. It’s a magical scene and will surely win the heart of any romantic.

After discovering several spots perfect for watching the sunset in Udaipur, we can share what we consider to be the best of the bunch. Here are our 7 favourite sunset spots in Udaipur.

7 Awesome Spots to Watch Sunset in Udaipur

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Karni Mata Temple Udaipur Sunset
Sunset at Karni Mata Temple Overlooking Udaipur

1. Karni Mata Temple

Set upon the Machla Magra Hills east of Lake Pichola, Karni Mata Temple is a Hindu place of worship and beautiful viewpoint in Udaipur. It is especially popular during sunset where you can find an unobstructed view of the sun setting behind the Aravali mountains.

There isn’t much to say about the temple itself; however, for the view alone, it’s worth the visit. Providing spectacular panoramic views over the city, it would also make a great spot to watch the sunrise in Udaipur. To reach the temple, you can either hike 20-minutes up some stairs to the summit or take the cable car.

We got blessed with an awesome sunset on the evening we visited Karni Mata Temple. The sky burst into flames and reflected shades of pink and orange throughout the lake. If you are spending a few nights in Udaipur, I highly suggest adding this sunset spot to your itinerary.

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2. Monsoon Palace

Situated in the Aravali mountains, 3100m above sea level, the enchanting Monsoon Palace can be spotted from all over Udaipur. Sat mysteriously in the surrounding hills, we were immediately captivated by the palace upon our arrival into the city.

To reach the Monsoon Palace is the tricky part. First, you will need to take a taxi or tuk-tuk from central Udaipur to the foot of the mountain. On a good run with little traffic, this should take no more than 20-minutes. From here, you can either pay 100 rupees ($1.4) per person to take the palace jeep or, as we did, trek to the top.

The walk was around 1-hr up-hill, and despite the heat, we enjoyed the challenge and surrounding views. That said, I would be wary of coming back down in the dark, so when visiting at sunset, I suggest taking the jeep.

Boasting unrivalled panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes, naturally, this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset in Udaipur. That said, it’s quite expensive at 330 rupees per person to enter, and the palace itself is rundown and neglected.

Personally, we agreed the vistas were worth the money & time spent to visit the Monsoon Palace; however, if you are only after a decent sunset spot in Udaipur, there are much cheaper options.

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Monsoon Palace Udaipur
Monsoon Palace Views overlooking Udaipur

3. Lake Pichola Boat Ride

Boat rides on Lake Pichola are a top tourist attraction in Udaipur and provide a peaceful retreat from the bustling city. Depending on your budget, you can join a tour with other people, or hire a private boat to cruise at your leisure.

Sunset boat rides are especially popular in Udaipur for obvious reasons. Here you can enjoy a peaceful experience looking out over the mountains and admiring the opulent buildings that adorn the lakeside. You’ll get up close and personal with the grandeur Taj Lake Palace Hotel, and have the choice to stop for a drink on Jagmandir Island – be warned, however, they are pricy!

Several ghats are surrounding Lake Pichola where you can join a boat ride, although Lal Ghat tends to be the cheapest. You shouldn’t pay any more than 500 rupees (7$) per person, to join a group tour. Naturally, a private boat will be more expensive but always haggle on the price. The locals are opportunists when it comes to tourists!

Sunset boat ride on Lake Pichola

4. Ambrai Ghat

Ambrai Ghat is one of the most popular spots to watch the sunset in Udaipur, and you’ll often find several locals and tourists gathered here for the end of day spectacle. That said, we never found it to be overly crowded, so watching the sunset here was still incredibly peaceful.

Sometimes you’ll hear locals talking about ‘Sunset Spot’ or ‘Sunset Ghat’ – they are referring to Ambrai Ghat. From the ghat, you can look west to where the sun sets behind the mountains or east to where the golden glow reflects off the City Palace.

While Ambrai Ghat isn’t necessarily our favourite sunset spot in Udaipur, it is an attractive option due to its convenience. To get there, you need only walk 5-10 minutes, dependent on where you are in town. What’s more, it’s completely free, so definitely worth checking out all the same.

TAJ PALACE HOTEL best sunset spots in udaipur

5. Rooftop Bars

Is there any better way to enjoy the sunset in Udaipur than with an ice-cold beer in hand? Particularly following a long day of sight-seeing in the steaming Rajasthan heat, it’s hard to think of a better feeling.

Rooftop bars in Udaipur are easy to come by. The eastern side of Lake Pichola is swarming with them, and several provide a magnificent sunset view. That said, not all bars serve alcohol, so if you want sunset beers, stick with us. We have always got you covered when it comes to finding cheap beer.

Some of our favourite rooftop bars include Sun and Moon, Jheels Coffee Bar & Bakery, and Zostel Hostel. Sun and Moon is excellent for sunset beers; however, personally, I didn’t like the food here. Jheels, on the other hand, serve delicious food but no beer. Zostel is more of a lively atmosphere if you’re looking to make friends over beers.

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Sunset View Point from Sun N Moon Rooftop

6. Neemach Mata Temple

If you want to find a quiet spot to watch the sunset in Udaipur, Neemach Mata Temple is your best option. Set on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake, you could say the temple is somewhat of a hidden gem, as tourists rarely visit and there are very few locals either.

We were told about this temple on our last day in Udaipur and having visited all the other sunset spots, we decided to check it out. A tuk-tuk dropped us at the foot of the hill, and we had to climb a steep set of stairs to reach the top. There are rumours that they will install a cable car soon; however, I figure this is quite a long way off. Either way, unless you’re afraid of a short workout, the stairs are perfectly fine.

Having heard very little about Neemach Mata Temple, we didn’t have too high of expectations for the view. Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised by the spectacular panoramic vistas that welcomed us at the top. Here you can enjoy views of the city, its various lakes, and surrounding mountain landscapes, so if you find yourself at a loose end one evening, it’s definitely a sunset spot worth checking out.

Neemach Mata Temple
Neemach Mata Temple

7. Taj Lake Palace

If you can afford it, splurging on a stay at the Taj Lake Palace Hotel is the ultimate Udaipur experience. Set upon its own island in the middle of Lake Pichola, the palace provides a 360-degree view of the city. Naturally, that is going to make for one luxurious sunset spot!

If like us, a stay at the majestic old palace is out of the question, you can enjoy a similar sunset view from the banks of Lake Pichola or upon a sunset boat ride. But if budget permits, you can expect celebrity treatment and first-class service at this incredible bucket-list hotel.

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Where to Stay in Udaipur

Whether you are looking for luxury, mid-range, or budget, Udaipur is not short of great accommodation options.   

Hostel – Gypsy Child Lake Hostel – One of only a few hostels in Udaipur, Gypsy Lake Child is the top choice thanks to its unrivalled location.  Boasting incredible views of Lake Pichola, guests can enjoy the sunset from the rooftop.

Budget Private – Jagat Villa Guesthouse – We can personally recommend Jagat Villa Guesthouse, for affordable, clean & comfortable private rooms.  Located just a 5-minute walk from Pichola Lake, you have great restaurants and shopping opportunities right on your doorstep.

Luxury – Taj Lake Palace – It doesn’t get more luxurious than the Taj Lake Palace.  Located in the middle of Pichola Lake, we could only look on in awe of this enchanting complex.  If you are prepared to splash some cash, a stay here would be a once in a lifetime experience.

For more places to stay in Udaipur, you can check the latest prices HERE.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

More on Udaipur

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Did you enjoy our Guide to the 7 Best Spots to Watch Sunset in Udaipur, India?

Well, that concludes our Guide to the 7 Best Spots to Watch Sunset in Udaipur in India.  We hope you enjoy your time in this magical country. If you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below, through our contact us page. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here where we share further travel advice & inspiration.

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

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