Pride Outfit & Make Up Ideas

30 Pride Outfits & Make-Up Ideas to Rock in 2022

Looking for some pride outfit inspiration? I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’m sharing 30 pride-inspired outfits & make-up with ideas for hes, shes, and thems.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, I don’t mean Christmas, silly. Of course, I’m talking about PRIDE.

It’s the time of year that we can all come together and celebrate our quintessential queerness. Where we can celebrate love in all of its forms. 

Most importantly, however, it’s a time of remembering. A time to reflect on how far we have come and acknowledge those who paved the way for us.

This year marks 53 years since the Stonewall uprising. And we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for that pinnacle moment in LGBTQ+ history.

We’ve still got a way to go. But for now, be loud, proud, and celebrate our progress thus far. And do it making a true fashion statement with these bold and beautiful pride outfits.

So let’s get to it. Here are 30 pride-inspired looks to rock this pride month.

30 Pride Outfits & Make-Up Ideas to Rock in 2022

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase a product through these links, we will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. And we can continue bringing you free tips and advice. If you found the content helpful and are kind enough to use our affiliates – you are awesome, and we thank you! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Pride Outfit Ideas for Her

 1. Rainbow T-Shirt

Photo Credit: @emotions.clothes

It may seem like an obvious one, but you can’t go wrong with a classic rainbow t-shirt.

Especially if you’re celebrating Pride in a warm climate, you’re going to want something that’s light and cool.

Pair your tee with a cute pair of denim jeans and some sandals or trainers.

2. Rainbow Sequin Dress by Michael Kors

Pride Dress
Photo Credit: @randipecka

If you plan on partying all day and all night, I have just the pride outfit for you.

This rainbow sequin dress can easily be dressed up or down. So you’ll be able to go from the parade to the festival, to the club, without needing an outfit change.

Pair your dress with some pride-themed trainers and cute accessories.

3. Crochet Patchwork Set by Shop Fluffy

How to stand out in a sea of rainbows? Wear something that’s entirely unique.

Like these flamboyant crochet patchwork sets, for example. Not only bold and beautiful but completely out of the ordinary.

Pair your outfit with some plain white trainers to balance out your look.

4. Multi Stripe Shirt by PLL

Pride Clothing
Outfit Available at Pretty Little Thing

If you prefer to steer away from anything too bold and brazen, this multi-stripe shirt is a winning choice.

It still has a touch of the rainbow colours, and I love how retro and on-trend it looks.

Pair with some ripped jeans & cute sandals, and you’ve got another perfect day to night pride outfit.

5. Crop & Dungarees by Reclaimed Vintage

Outfit Available at ASOS

This next pride outfit is the perfect combination of on-trend and vintage. I personally love it and wish I had the swag to pull it off.

Despite steering away from the typical rainbow colours, this look makes for a true Pride fashion statement.

Pair it with some pride trainers like these by converse, and you’re good to go.

6. Checkerboard Print Love Dress by Never Fully Dressed

Love Dress
Outfit Available at ASOS

Here we have another pride-worthy outfit that’s not only fit for Pride but all occasions.

There’s a recurring theme with fashion at the moment, blending old-school vibes with on-trend looks, and I am here for it.

From the colours and the fit to the subtle mentions of love, I adore everything about this dress.

7. Rainbow Shoes & Bag by Kurt Geiger

Already have a Pride outfit sorted? Or prefer to stick to more low-key colours? 

These Kurt Geiger rainbow shoes are just what you need to add a bit of colour to your outfit.

And to really up the ante, pair them with the matching shoulder bag.

8. Pride Bralette by Levi’s

Outfit Available at ASOS

Planning a pool or garden party for Pride this year? Then this cute pride-themed bralette by Levi is just what you need.

You can dress it down with casual shorts and sliders. Or dress it up with a nice skirt and sandals.

Either way, I suggest pairing it with some cool rainbow sunglasses.

9. Fitted Marble Print Dress by John Zack

Pride Look for Her
Outfit Available at ASOS

Flaunt your curves this pride season with a figure-hugging dress like this one from ASOS.

Again, this dress can function all year round. However, sporting all the colours of the rainbow, it’s a natural outfit choice for pride month.

Pair with some Dr Martens boots to add an edge to the outfit while keeping your feet comfy for the day.

10. Relaxed Rainbow Print Jeans by The Ragged Priest

Outfit Available at ASOS

We don’t all want to wear a literal rainbow during Pride, and that’s OK. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

That said, while these relaxed jeans do sport a rainbow design, it’s incredibly subtle. And quite honestly, they’re cool AF.

Wear with a matching top and some comfy sneakers for a real festive vibe.

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Pride Outfit Ideas for Him

11. Pride Capsule Shorts by Gant

Pride Shorts
Outfit Available at ASOS

OK, who needs these pride-themed capsule shorts by Gant in their wardrobe this summer? That makes all of us then.

As the days get hotter, these can be worn on their own, allowing you to catch some rays.

Not only that, you could easily get away with wearing them all year round. Not just for Pride!

12. Leather Tank Top & Shorts by QITW

Outfit Available at Queer in The World

Other than rainbows, leather is the most popular outfit you’ll see at pride festivals & parades, and you can see why.

If there’s one material that can make anybody feel sexy, it’s leather. Especially when it hugs the body like this tank top and shorts combo.

Don’t worry, though; it isn’t real leather. This outfit is made from patent vegan leather.

13. Striped Rainbow Shirt by ASOS

Outfit Available at ASOS

Downright obsessed with this 90s style striped rainbow shirt from ASOS.

It can be worn over a t-shirt or on its own and paired with some retrofit jeans or cargo pants.

14. Pride Set by Calvin Klein

Stand out from the crowd in this matching pride set by Calvin Klein.

Again, it’s not your typical pride colours, but that’s not a bad thing. It means you can rock this outfit all summer long.

I am definitely a big fan of those pastel pink vans as well.

15. Rainbow Wash Denim Jacket by ASOS

Tie Dye Denim Jacket
Outfit Available at ASOS

As the evenings get cooler, you’re going to want AND need this rainbow wash denim jacket in your life.

It’s the ideal outfit accessory for pride parades, festivals, parties, and pretty much any other event as well.

16. Tie Dye Sweater by Abercrombie & Fitch

Outfit Available at ASOS

I don’t know about you, but I have serious heart eye emojis for these pastel shades.

Not to mention that Abercrombie & Fitch are dedicated allies to the LGBTQ+ community, having donated over $2 million to the Trevor Project.

With that in mind, you should have no qualms in shelling out your well-earned dollars for this sweater.

17. Pride T-Shirt by Vans

Outfit Available at ASOS

For those that want to show their Pride without the bold prints and colours, this pride t-shirt by Vans is the perfect solution.

You can always rely on Vans to release Pride-themed apparel each year; however, they also donate to various LGBTQ+ organisations.

Pair the t-shirt with some shorts and these uber-cool Pride-themed high tops.

18. Elastic Pride Harness by QITW

Outfit Available at Queer in The World

Gay men love wearing harnesses, and I can totally see why. The way they emphasise the chest and shoulders must feel incredibly empowering.

They are often associated with sex, and historically that’s probably the case. However, they’re much more of a style and fashion statement these days.

It’s not uncommon to see plenty of harness-wearing studs at Pride parades. And with this rainbow design, you can be one of them.

Gender Neutral Pride Outfits

19. Pride Themed Tees

It’s not too difficult to find pride-themed t-shirts these days. All of which makes for great pride-worthy outfits.

However, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce some LGBTQ+ owned fashion lines. Brands who are challenging gender norms and introducing gender-neutral clothing.

Some of my current favourites include Bohemia OrganicRainbow Certified, and Tomboy X.

20. Rainbow Mesh Tee-Shirt by QITW

Outfit Available at Queer in The World

Make no mesh-take; mesh material is another queer favourite (Sorry couldn’t help myself).

And this rainbow mesh tee shirt makes for the perfect gender-neutral outfit for Pride.

Go commando underneath or wear a sports bra. Who cares? This is Pride, after all!

21. Pride Dungarees by Levi’s

Outfit Available at ASOS

You’ve got to love Levi’s. Unlike other brands who simply monetise off the rainbow theme, their LGBTQ allyship is all year-round.

That’s why I have no issue promoting their pride-themed apparel. Which is a relief because it’s awesome.

Take these Pride-themed dungarees, for example. These have the potential to look great on everybody, regardless of gender.

22. ‘She Bad’ Crop T-Shirt by Stuzo

Outfit Available at Stuzo Clothing

Stuzo Clothing is a Black, queer, women-owned brand producing gender-free clothing.  

Their collections include non-conforming pieces like this ‘She Bad’ crop top, all inspired by love, people, and life.

Do you need any more reasons to support them? I didn’t think so!

23. ‘Love Unites’ Wind Breaker by Adidas

Outfit Available at ASOS

Adidas is a significant contributor to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest LGBTQ suicide and crisis prevention organisation.

If that’s not enough, their ‘Love Unites’ collection is gorgeous, with these windbreakers making for the perfect pride outfit.

All things considered, they’re a great brand to support right now!

24. Empower Short Sleeve Button Up by WILDFANG

Outfit Available at Wildfang

WILDFANG are another inclusive fashion brand. Their mission: to rethink gender norms and how they show up in fashion. 

Their fashion line is all about embracing our masculine, feminine, and everything in-between.

And with head-turning pieces like this short sleeve button up, I’m sure there will be no hesitation when it comes to supporting them.

25. Pride Themed Shoes

Why not step into pride month with some pride-themed Shoes? 

The subtle (or not so subtle in some cases) pop of colour can bring Pride to any outfit.  

Converse, Vans, and Dr Martens come up with some of my favourite pride-themed footwear.

Pride Make Up Ideas

26. Cry Me a Rainbow

Pride Make Up
Photo Credit: @itstararooney

I am in love with this creative and effective Pride make-up idea.

You could observe that the rainbow tears are symbolic and represent the struggles that many LGBTQ+ people face. Or you could just simply admire the look.

Either way, it will make for a bold and captivating look this Pride.

27. Pride Body Paint

Photo Credit: @xavier.heraud

Why bother with a pride outfit when you can cover yourself with body paint instead?

I imagine you’ll need a professional to help you out with this one; however, it will be worth it to achieve this bold and striking look.

28. Inner Pride

Photo Credit: @makeupalii

Woah, this one blows my mind. The talent and creativity is out of this world.

Again, you’d need a professional make-up artist to help you out with this one. And even then, I’m not sure how many could achieve this look.

Worth a try, though, as the end result is pretty damn epic.

29. Pride Attack

Photo Credit: @mr.benfield

If you don’t have the means to call in a professional, do not worry. You can still wind up with an epic pride make-up look.

Take this look, for example. There’s minimal effort required, but the final result is very effective.

30. Trans Pride

Photo Credit: @softboy.peach

We have this gorgeous trans-themed look to round off our list of pride make-up and outfit inspiration.

The trans pride colours are beautiful, which certainly translates to this cute and subtle design.  

The trans community is nowhere near represented enough, so here’s one way you can show your solidarity this coming Pride.

Let’s See Your Best Pride Outfits!

So there you have it, 30 pride-inspired looks to rock this pride month. 

Which one is your favourite? Do you have a pride outfit that deserves a spot on this list? 

Let us know! Tag us in your pride photos on Instagram, and we might feature you.

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Happy Pride,

Charlotte & Natalie x

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means that if you purchase through these links, we will earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. And we can continue bringing you free travel tips and advice. If you found the content helpful and are kind enough to use our affiliates – you are awesome, and we thank you! 


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