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25 Must-Have Pride Accessories: Your Ultimate Checklist

Looking for a list of must-have pride accessories? We’ve rounded up 25 of our favourite pride festival essentials to compliment your look and make your day as comfortable as possible.

Pride festivals are all about celebrating diversity, equality, and love, and what better way to show up than in a fabulous pride outfit with complementing accessories to match?

That’s one thing we love most about Pride events. People aren’t afraid to show their true colours, and it’s inspiring to see so many embracing their identities and celebrating who they are without judgement.

Whether you’re attending your first pride event or a seasoned attendee, having the right items on hand can make all the difference.

Many don’t realise that pride events can be intense! With long days of marching, dancing, and socialising, you need to be comfortable as well as look the part!

To help you get ready for the festivities, we’ve compiled a list of 25 must-have pride accessories you won’t want to leave home without. So let’s get to it.

Pride Festival Must Haves
Pack these Pride accessories for the upcoming Pride festivals!

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Pride Accessories and Festival Essentials for 2023

1. The Progress Pride Flag

Pride Accessory Progress Flag
Flying the progress flag in lesbian Sydney Pride!

Naturally, the number one pride accessory is, of course, a rainbow flag. The global symbol of Pride, you’ll want to wave it proudly as you march, dance, and enjoy the festivities.

Designed in 1978, each colour in the original Pride flag represents something different. (Red = Life, Orange = Healing, Yellow = Sunlight, Green = Nature, Indigo = Harmony, Violet = Spirit)

However, in 2018, we welcomed the ‘progress pride flag’ to represent marginalised groups within the community. You can also buy trans pride flags, lesbian pride flags, intersex pride flags, and everything in between.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Pride Converse

Pride festivals can be a long day of walking, dancing, and standing around, so wearing comfortable shoes is essential to keep your feet happy.

Opt for a pair of sneakers or sandals with good arch support. Even better, look for comfortable shoes with a funky pride design!

3. Sunscreen 

Pride Must Have Suncream

The Pride Accessory you never knew you needed! Pride festivals usually happen in the middle of summer, so protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with good-quality sunscreen.

Choose a broad-spectrum formula with at least SPF 30 (we love the Sun Bum brand), and remember to reapply every few hours. You want to leave Pride with memories, not sunburn.

4. Water Bottle 

Pride Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial when spending time outside in the sun and potentially drinking alcohol. So bring a refillable water bottle to save money and reduce waste.

Of course, you’ll want to make it gay, so check out these incredible pride-themed bottles. These make perfect pride gifts as well!

5. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses Pride Accessory

Not only will sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but they can also add a stylish touch to your Pride outfit.

Choose a pair that compliments your personal style, or invest in a rainbow pair of sunglasses to mark the occasion! 

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6. Rainbow Bag or Fanny Pack

Rainbow Bag for Pride

You’ll need a bag to carry all your belongings and Pride accessories, so why not stick to the theme and splurge on a rainbow-themed bag or fanny pack.

7. Temporary Tattoos 

Pride Accessory Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a fun way to express your Pride and add flair to your look. Look for designs that reflect your identity or support a cause you care about.

If you’re feeling brave, you might even get a permanent tattoo. Check out these lists of Pride-themed tattoos and lesbian tattoos for inspiration.

8. Face Paint 

Rainbow Face Paint

Face paint is another fun way to show your Pride or demonstrate your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Trust me; you won’t be alone on this one!

Feel free to go all out and get creative with your designs – this is Pride, after all! Pride events are teeming with people expressing themselves through their appearance.

Whether you opt for a rainbow design or something more personalised, it’s sure to be a hit. 

9. Glitter 

Pride lesbian couple
Pride Festival Glitter

It wouldn’t be Pride without some glitter. Walking around the Pride parades and festivities, you will see glitter adorning every inch of bare skin.

Add some sparkle to your look with biodegradable glitter in rainbow colours. Storing some in your bag is a great way to make new friends and share in the fabulous fun!

10. Pride Pin/Badge

Pride Pins

A small but meaningful pride accessory, a pride pin can add some subtle flair to your outfit.

A variety of businesses sell handmade and unique pride pins that you can stock up on before the festivities! If you’re feeling generous, you can also buy extra to hand out to people.

Another idea is to wear a pin that tells others what your pronouns are.

11. Rainbow Sweat Band

Rainbow Sweat Band Pride Essential

A rainbow sweat band can make a fantastic pride accessory. Not only to mop your brow while sweating in the summer heat but to showcase your Pride wherever you go!

12. Hat 

Pride Hat

A hat can provide some much-needed shade on a hot day and can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Look for a design that speaks to your personal style, or check out some of these funky pride designs.

13. Pride-Themed Socks

Pride Essentials - Socks

If you’re not one to dress in vibrant outfits but are still looking for subtle ways to express your Pride, why not look at some pride-themed socks?

These also work if you ARE obsessed with vibrant outfits and want to be kitted out from head to toe in rainbow pride gear.

14. Pride Ring

Pride themed rings

This next pride accessory allows you another subtle way to introduce rainbows into your outfit. It’s not only great for Pride, either. You can wear your rainbow pride ring all year round!

15. Portable Phone Charger 

You’ll want to capture all the memories of your Pride experience, so make sure your phone stays charged throughout the day.

Bring a portable phone charger to keep your battery topped up. We use the Anker 26800 power bank, which can charge both of our phones multiple times. But there are smaller and cheaper models available.

16. Hand Sanitiser 

Keeping your hands clean is more important than ever these days, so be sure to pack a small bottle of hand sanitiser.

17. Bandana 

Pride themed bandanas

A bandana can be worn in a variety of ways – around your neck, as a headband, or even as a face covering if needed.

Choose a colour or pattern that complements your outfit – or bring a few options to switch out throughout the day! We also love these pride designs.

18. Refillable Cup 

multi coloured collapsible cup

If you plan on enjoying a few drinks during the festival, bring a refillable cup to reduce waste and save money.

There are small collapsible silicone cups that you can purchase and easily store in your bag!

19. Rain Poncho 

Rainbow Poncho Pride Accessory

Even if the forecast calls for sun, preparing for rain is always a good idea, especially if you’re celebrating Pride events in the UK!

Pack a lightweight rain poncho that you can easily fold up and store in your bag. Not the most fashionable Pride accessory, I agree, but a necessary one all the same.

20. Glow Sticks 

Glow Sticks

When the sun goes down, the party continues with colourful light shows and dancing. Bring some glow sticks to add to the fun and create a festive atmosphere.

21. Hand Held Fan

Handheld Fan for Pride Accessories

When you’re dancing your socks off in the sunshine and into the evening, it’s natural that you’ll get hot and sweaty. Especially with all those gorgeous humans around you!

That’s why we always bring along a handheld fan to Pride events. They’re perfect for keeping you cool, lightweight to carry, and you can find some really cool and funky designs.

22. Blanket 

Pride design picnic blanket

Pride events can be full-on! Especially during the bigger Pride festivals like London, New York, or Berlin, the crowds can be intense. Even we find the need to escape them from time to time.

That’s why we recommend a small blanket or picnic mat to bring along as a pride accessory. So when you need a break, it can provide a cosy spot to relax and take a breather.

23. Deodorant 

With so many people in close quarters, it’s important to stay fresh and smell good. Pack a travel-size deodorant to stay odour-free throughout the day.

24. Snacks 

Festivals can be expensive, so bring your own snacks to save money and keep your energy up. Choose portable options like granola bars, fruit, or trail mix.

25. Cash 

While many vendors now accept credit cards, bringing some cash for smaller purchases or tips is always a good idea.

Pride Festival Fun
Having fun at Pride!

Show Your Pride with These Must-Have Pride Accessories

In conclusion, there are countless ways to express your individuality and show your Pride during the upcoming pride festivals.

Whether you prefer bold and colourful statement pieces or more subtle and practical items, these pride must-haves make perfect accessories.

Remember, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and embrace your unique identity. Pride festivals are a time to celebrate diversity, love, and acceptance, and these Pride accessories can help add to the fun. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

So, go out there and enjoy the music, the colours, and the company of your fellow LGBTQIA+ community members, while expressing yourself with Pride and confidence.

Happy Pride!

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