Monsoon Palace Udaipur


The Monsoon Palace in Udaipur, otherwise known as Sajjangarh Fort, is a magnificent palace complex located in the Aravali hills. The palace looks over the entire city of Udaipur, as well as the astonishing mountain landscapes. It once featured in the James Bond Film ‘Octopussy’, and we consider it to be one of the most impressive places to visit in Udaipur in 2 days.

The Monsoon Palace almost immediately allures you upon arriving in Udaipur. Located on a peak of Aravalli hill, 3100 ft above sea level, the enchanting palace can be seen from the heart of the city. Boasting unrivalled panoramic views, including the City Palace and Lake Pichola, many consider it to be the best sunset point in Udaipur.

In this guide, we advise everything you need to know ahead of visiting the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur. Including entrance fees, opening times, what to expect & more. 

Monsoon Palace Udaipur – A Sightseeing Guide

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Monsoon Palace Udaipur
Stunning Mountain Views at Monsoon Palace Udaipur

How to Get There

Udaipur is an essential addition to any Rajasthan itinerary. It is one of the most popular tourist cities in the country and forms a part of our suggested one month in India Route. You can conveniently reach Udaipur via bus, train, or plane from all over the country.

Set in the Aravali hills, 10km away from Central Udaipur we suggest travelling to and from the palace by rickshaw or taxi. Both are easy to come by in Udaipur; however, be sure to haggle as the drivers are opportunists when it comes to tourists.

A cheaper way of getting around in Udaipur is to rent a scooter or bicycle; however, I only recommend doing so if you feel confident. Like most places in India, the roads in Udaipur are a rat race, so you need to have your wits about you at all times.

Bike rental shops are present throughout the city, and the average daily rental is 500 rupees ($7) per day for a basic scooter or bicycle. 

Once you arrive at the palace gates, you have 2-options on how to get to the peak of the hill. You can either pay 100 rupees ($1.4) per person to take the palace jeep or, as we did, trek to the top. The walk was around 1-hr up-hill, and despite the heat, we enjoyed the challenge and surrounding views.  

 Monsoon Palace Udaipur Entry Fee

Entrance Fee (Foreigners): 300 Rupees ($4.3)

Entrance Fee (Indians): 100 Rupees ($1.4)

Jeep Taxi to Peak:  100 Rupees ($1.4) for a return journey.

Monsoon Palace Udaipur
Inside Monsoon Palace in Udaipur

Things to Know Before Visiting Monsoon Palace in Udaipur

Here is all the information you’ll need ahead of visiting Monsoon Palace in Udaipur.

Opening Times 

The Monsoon Palace is open to visitors 7-days a week from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.  

Best Time to Visit

The best time of year for sightseeing in Udaipur is during the Indian Winter, which runs from October-February. You can expect a dry and cooler climate during this time, resulting in a far more enjoyable experience!

Many consider late afternoon to be the best time to visit the Monsoon Palace, as you get to relax and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Boasting marvellous panoramic views over the city and surrounding landscapes, it’s certainly a magical experience.

On the other hand, if you can’t make it for sunset, early in the morning is another peaceful time to visit the Monsoon Palace. With fewer tourists around you can truly appreciate the gorgeous view.

Time Required

You will need to allow around 2-4 hours to visit the Monsoon Palace, including your travel time from the city.

Photography Tips

The Monsoon Palace is a hotspot amongst photographers; however, here are some things to be aware of before you visit.

  • To use a tripod is forbidden in most tourist attractions in Udaipur, and you’re likely to be reprimanded by guards if you are caught using one.
  • No drones allowed.
  • Be careful, attempting to replicate photos perched on the palace walls. There is a sheer drop from this point.
  • Skilled pickpockets operate in Udaipur. Keep your equipment safe and secure when out of use. We recommend this super convenient photographers bag: K&F Concept Lightweight DSLR Camera Backpack
Monsoon Palace Udaipur
Monsoon Palace Udaipur

The Hike to Monsoon Palace

The first day we arrived in Udaipur, we were sat enjoying a drink at a rooftop bar, when I spotted an enchanting looking palace way up in the hills. So intrigued, I asked our waiter, ‘What is that building’? ‘That madam’ he replied, ‘is the Monsoon Palace’.

From that moment, we became fixated on visiting. We discovered photos online depicting spectacular vistas and mesmerising sunsets. Although we didn’t have such high hopes for the palace itself, for the unrivalled view, we figured it was definitely worth the trip.

Upon arriving at the foot of the hill, we had no idea that our rickshaw driver couldn’t enter the grounds. It took us a few seconds to figure out why he was yelling at us to get out and assumed it was a ploy to demand more money. Thankfully, you tend to get used to the lack of communication in India. If you don’t, well, it could be a tough ride.

It was a beautiful morning, and we’d indulged in unlimited Thali the night before, so we figured we would walk. To reach the top takes around 1-hr walking at a moderate pace; however, you may need to stop for breaks as it’s an uphill road the entire way. Personally, we enjoyed the challenge as well as the scenic views the route provided.

There are a few signs dotted about warning you of various wildlife, but other than a few docile monkeys, we didn’t run into any bother. That said, I would be wary of walking the road at night, so if you visit for sunset, I suggest taking the palace jeep. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for vehicles as there is no pathway for pedestrians.

Udaipur Monkeys
Cheeky Monkeys at Monsoon Palace

Our Experience at Monsoon Palace in Udaipur

At the top, there is a car park for those who bring their own vehicle. Here, the monkeys weren’t so calm. We found herds of langurs clambering all over the cars and showing off for tourists taking photos. We admittedly had a few laughs, but I was glad it wasn’t my car. On that note, be wary of the langurs in India. We’ve seen them turn aggressive, and it isn’t pretty.  

The Monsoon Palace once served as the residence of Maharana Sajjan Singh. It was built in 1884 and used by the Royal Family to monitor the monsoon clouds – which derived the name Monsoon Palace. The palace was constructed using white marble; however, if I’m honest, we weren’t overly impressed. From the outside, it looks run down and neglected, and there is nothing of much interest inside either.

After reading some information boards about local wildlife and the history of the Mewar Dynasty, we took in the views at the front and rear of the palace. The vistas are undoubtedly the highlight, and it’s worth visiting for that alone. With the various lakes and surrounding mountain landscapes, it’s easy to forget you are in a city at all.  

Upon admiring the view, we could understand why many regard the Monsoon Palace to be the best sunset point in Udaipur.  

Monsoon Palace Views over Udaipur

Where to Stay in Udaipur

Whether you are looking for luxury, mid-range, or budget, Udaipur is not short of great accommodation options.   

Hostel – Gypsy Child Lake Hostel – One of only a few hostels in Udaipur, Gypsy Lake Child is the top choice thanks to its unrivalled location.  Boasting incredible views of Lake Pichola, guests can enjoy the sunset from the rooftop.

Budget Private – Jagat Villa Guesthouse – We can personally recommend Jagat Villa Guesthouse, for affordable, clean & comfortable private rooms.  Located just a 5-minute walk from Pichola Lake, you have great restaurants and shopping opportunities right on your doorstep.

Luxury – Taj Lake Palace – It doesn’t get more luxurious than the Taj Lake Palace.  Located in the middle of Pichola Lake, we could only look on in awe of this enchanting complex.  If you are prepared to splash some cash, a stay here would be a once in a lifetime experience.

For more places to stay in Udaipur, you can check the latest prices HERE.

Are you looking for the best lakeside accomodations only? We’ve got you covered from hostel to luxury in this article here.

Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

More on Udaipur

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Did you enjoy our Sightseeing Guide for Monsoon Palace in Udaipur, India?

Well, that concludes Sightseeing Guide for Monsoon Palace in Udaipur in India.  We hope you enjoy your time in this magical country. If you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below, through our contact us page. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here where we share further travel advice & inspiration.

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

Charlotte & Natalie x

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monsoon palace udaipur

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