Lesbian Movies On Amazon Prime – 20+ Titles Streaming Now

Lesbian Movies Amazon Prime

Searching for the best lesbian movies on Amazon Prime? Good, because I’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite lesbian titles available to stream for free on Amazon Prime with a subscription. As well as a handful of others that are available to rent.  

It’s always exciting to have a watch list packed to the brim with lesbian movies and tv shows. Wow, those are words I’d never thought I’d hear myself say. While my party shoes are in the wardrobe collecting dust, I’m on the couch in my comfies getting excited over the TV.

Anyway, I already wrote about the best lesbian movies on Netflix. And let’s face it, you’ve probably watched all there is to watch on there. So now it’s time to delve into the best lesbian movies on Amazon Prime. 

The great thing about Prime is that they are pretty awesome at streaming movies that aren’t very well known. While we love to watch the mainstream titles, it’s also nice to try out a movie I wouldn’t otherwise of heard of once in a while. Sometimes it pays off; sometimes, it doesn’t. That’s all part of the fun.

In this article, you’ll find a good mix of the two. There are some popular lesbian movies that are well-known for a good reason. And some lesser-known titles that are just as good but haven’t had the recognition they deserve.

But for now, let’s get down to what you came here for. Please note, this list is ranked in no particular order.

Lesbian Movies On Amazon Prime – 20+ Titles Streaming Now

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Free Lesbian Movies on Amazon Prime (with Subscription)

I should mention that this list is based on the lesbian movies streaming on the US Amazon Prime; therefore, unfortunately, they may not be available in your region. You could try using a VPN such as Surfshark; however, we don’t tend to have much success with ours when using Prime.

Also, while I try to keep this list as up to date as possible, Amazon Prime update their collection all the time. And so, I apologise if you find that any of these movies are unavailable.

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1. Saving Face

We absolutely love this lesbian movie, which features a queer storyline between two Chinese-American women addressing cultural taboos and how they deal with them.

The storyline centres around Wil, a lesbian living in Manhattan who gets quite the shock when her Mother, Hwei-lan, comes to stay. Due to her very traditional upbringing, Wil has never come out to her family, which puts pressure on her relationship with out-and-proud Vivian. However, Wil soon finds out that her Mother is hiding a secret of her own.

Lots of witty humour, a beautiful love story, and a fascinating insight into cultural traditions, this movie has it all. 

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian Movies on Amazon Prime

2. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister

This fascinating historical drama chronicles the life of 19th century Yorkshire landowner Anne Lister. In a society where homosexuality was considered taboo, Anne lived a relatively happy life as openly lesbian. Through her thoughts and accounts in her coded diary, we are offered an insight into the life of the woman branded Britain’s first modern lesbian.

While the storyline, the costumes, and the cinematography are all excellent, we were disappointed to find Anne Lister was ‘femmed-up‘ to make the movie more appealing to a broader audience. It’s a shame to see famous butch women re-characterised time and time again. But the film is well worth a watch, nonetheless.

Watch the Trailer Here

3. Princess Cyd

I adored this coming-of-age movie that tells the story of a young girl Cyd, who moves to her Aunt’s place in Chicago to spend her summer there. While she’s there, she meets a cute barista named Katie and finds herself attracted to her. 

Syd starts to confront her fluid sexuality with her Aunts support, and a beautiful relationship develops between the two young women. Syd’s relationship with her Aunt is also incredibly endearing and fun to watch.

It’s by no means a perfect movie, but its charming and no-drama storyline is a winner in my eyes. 

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian sex scene

4. Blue is the Warmest Colour  

Next up, we have what is probably the most famous and controversial lesbian movie ever made. I have to admit; while many have criticised the movie and that unforgettable 10-minute sex scene, the first time Natalie and I watched it, we really enjoyed it. I guess because we were young and in love ourselves, we found the movie sexy, moving, and relatable.  

The french movie tells the story of a teenager named Adele, who falls for eccentric art student Emma after meeting her at a lesbian bar. The film follows their relationship into early adulthood and is a painful yet beautiful portrayal of first love, lust, and obsession.  

That said, it’s important to recognise the issues surrounding this lesbian movie on Amazon Prime. First of all, it’s clear that there may be an element of exploitation by the straight male director. However, that isn’t what disturbs me most. It’s the alleged unjust treatment of both the cast and crew, which, if true, is unacceptable.

Overall, I can honestly say I don’t find the movie offensive or degrading. Had it been a queer woman director, I believe the movie would be celebrated for its boldness rather than condemned. The lead actors Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux are exquisite, and the film has far more depth than the one famous sex scene. Whichever side of the fence you sit on, Blue is the Warmest Colour is a must watch.

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian movies on Amazon Prime

5. More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

If there’s ever a lesbian movie that’s going to define the saying ‘love is love’ it’s this one. While there is a lot wrong with More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, those elements are outshone by all the things that are right.

So let’s start with the storyline. Max is a broken FBI agent, who after losing her Mother, travels to a small mountain town she used to visit as a child to help her heal. What she doesn’t expect, however, is that an extraordinary special needs boy will help her in ways she could never have imagined. While a friendship with his Mother soon develops into something more.

This movie is touching in more ways than one, and we loved how it explores love in all of its forms. The chemistry between the two lead characters is great, and Cale Ferrin gives a remarkable performance as the adorable little boy Freddie. Do not miss this movie!

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian Movies on Amazon Prime

6. Snapshots

I’d never heard of Snapshots until I stumbled across it on the LGBTQ+ section of Amazon Prime. But wow, am I glad that I found it. This movie is beautiful, heartwarming, and relatable. And I dare you to watch it without shedding a tear or two.  

Based on true events, Snapshots captures the lost lesbian love-story of Rose and Louise, who parted ways due to societal pressures back in the 1960s. Rose is now in her 80s, and when her daughter and granddaughter come to visit, bittersweet memories of the love of her life come flooding back.

Little does she know, Rose’s hidden past collides with other issues in the family. And now there are three generations of lies and deception to try to forgive.  

Watch the Trailer Here

7. The Handmaiden

Bizarrely, this erotic South-Korean thriller is a loose adaptation of the famous lesbian novelFingersmith. In regards to the storyline, it’s very much the same as the book. A young pickpocketer assumes handmaiden’s role for a wealthy family, as part of a plan to deceive the young heiress into marrying a crafty con man.  

Naturally, the handmaiden develops feelings for the heiress, and a passionate relationship develops. Only the intimate lesbian scenes in the movie are far more erotic than those in the book. Some might even go as far as to say pornographic.

It’s one of those films that has sparked debate on whether or not it is made for the male gaze. But either way, the sex scenes are HOT, the cinematography is stunning, and the plot twist will have you reeling. It’s one of the best lesbian movies of all time, in my opinion.

Watch the Trailer Here

hottest lesbian sex scene

8. Tru Love

If you’re looking for a lesbian movie that’s a little out of the ordinary, Tru Love is one to add to your list. Considering I’d never even heard of this title, I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. Not only the beautiful love story but the refreshing portrayal of lesbians in film.

The storyline centres on the relationship between three women. And no, we aren’t talking polygamy here, although there’s certainly a gap in the market for that as well.  

No, this triangle is between a Mother – Alice, her daughter – Suzanne, and her daughter’s friend – Tru. When Alice loses her husband, she comes to spend time with Suzanne. But Suzanne is a busy career woman, so she passes on taking care of her to her friend, Tru. But when the two form an unlikely connection, Suzanne is far from impressed.

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian Movies Amazon Prime

9. City of Trees

It makes us so happy to see more and more LGBTQ+ inclusive festive movies hitting our screens. And while some of the bigger productions have been slightly disappointing this year (not mentioning any names), City of Trees had us pleasantly surprised.

While not the most creative, the storyline is super sweet centring on Ainsley, returning to her hometown for the holidays. There, confronted with demons from her past, Ainsley’s chance encounter with an old classmate flips her world upside down.

We really enjoyed watching the love story develop, with great chemistry between the two lead characters. So, if you’re looking for a lighthearted movie with a happy ending, be sure to give City of Trees a chance this festive season.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian fims on Prime

10. When Night is Falling

I’ll admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this next lesbian film on Prime; however, When Night is Falling turned out to be a beautiful watch.

It’s all about a conservative and religious university teacher, Camille, who’s engaged to a man and believes she knows exactly where she’s heading in life. That is until she meets the mysterious and free-spirited Petra, who’s in town working at the local circus.

Sparks fly between the two women, and naturally, they end up having a passionate affair. Now Camille must question everything she believes to be true about herself.  

An unassumingly great movie and the two lead actresses had excellent chemistry. Definitely add this one to the list!

Watch the Trailer Here

best lesbian movies on amazon prime

11. 1 Million Happy Nows

A real hidden gem amongst the Prime’s lesbian movie library, 1 Million Happy Nows is both outstanding, yet utterly heartbreaking at the same time.

First off, I want to give kudos to the two lead actresses. Both of them provide such emotional and believable performances that we remained captivated throughout the movie. And the love portrayed between them is just beautiful.

Now for the catch, a.k.a the storyline. The movie charts the changing relationship between Lainey & Eva after Lainey is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers. See, I told you it was going to be heartwrenching.  

Despite the tears, I am so grateful to have discovered this movie. This cruel disease is a tragic fact of life, and I was incredibly moved by how well the storyline was handled. One to watch, but be sure to have the tissues to hand.

Watch the Trailer Here

12. Bound

A stellar cast and compelling plot settle Bound as one of the best lesbian films currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Interestingly, the Wachowski Sisters directed the movie – The trans women behind The Matrix and one of our favourite ever queer series, Sense 8. 

Unlike your typical lesbian rom-com, this fast-paced movie is an exhilarating thriller. It follows Violet, a gangster’s moll, living with Caesar, who launders money for the mob. However, when Violet meets Corky, an ex-con who’s decorating the flat next door, sparks fly, and they fall in love.

One day Caesar comes home with 2 million dollars of mob money, and the two women scheme to steal the money. But, of course, no great movie ever saw a plan run smoothly.

Watch the Trailer Here

free lesbian movies on amazon prime

13. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Based on the book of the same name, The Miseducation of Cameron Post is an important and heartwarming LGBTQ+ story. The movie opens with teenage Cameron getting intimate with the prom queen in the back of a car.

After her classmates catch her, Cameron’s actions result in her being sent away to a gay conversion camp called ‘pray away the gay’. And the story follows her journey as she is subjected to questionable therapies and makes friends with fellow residents.

This movie captures a realm of emotions while providing an accurate portrayal of what it’s like for some queer kids growing up with conservative parents. So I’m sure you will appreciate this lesbian movie just as much as we did.

Click Here to Watch the Trailer

14. My Days of Mercy 

Elliot Page stars as Lucy in My Days of Mercy, a young woman whose father is on death row. Lucy and her older sister Martha travel around the country in a camper van, partaking in anti-death penalty demonstrations. Only at one protest, she locks eyes with Mercy who is an activist for the opposite side.

Despite their activism for opposite sides, the sexual tension builds as they get to know each other, and their feelings turn romantic. And In what should be quite a dark and distressing storyline, Lucy & Mercy’s relationship is (at times) a beacon of light.  

Watch the Trailer Here

15. The Feels

Slightly silly, but equally entertaining, The Feels is a romantic comedy worthy of the 90-minutes you’ll spend watching it.

The story is of engaged lesbian couple Andi and Lu. At their joint bachelorette party, Lu makes a drunken confession that she’s never had an orgasm. EVER. 

With such a catchy storyline, the movie has the potential to be funnier. However, the unravelling of Andi and Lu’s relationship proves to be quite an intriguing watch.

Click Here to Watch the Trailer

Lesbian Amazon Prime

16. Cloudburst

In this comedy-romance, a lesbian couple of 31 years escape from a nursing home when old age and a selfish granddaughter threatens to tear them apart.  

Their goal is to reach Canada, where they can get married. Along the way, they pick up a male hitchhiker, and the three embark on a wild adventure. The film is funny and charming in equal measure, and the rare representation of an older lesbian couple is refreshing.

The protagonists, Stella & Dot, are #lesbiancouplegoals. They joke about lesbian porn, carry vibrators, and the love they have for each other couldn’t be more obvious. There’s a lovely scene where they share a kiss in the rain which is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian movies on amazon prime

17. Bean

Bean is more of a documentary than a movie, but the story is so remarkable that I believe it deserves a spot on this list.

Lori and Alana were just in their 20’s when they found each other on Tinder, and what followed is a lesbian love story to conquer all love stories. You see, Alana requires a kidney, which could help triple her life expectancy. And within just a few weeks of meeting, Lori decides she wants to give one to her.

It is an incredible example of unconditional true love. But more than that, it’s a reminder. A reminder to display kindness, express gratitude and that selfless acts of kindness help make the world go around. 

Watch the Trailer Here

18. Elena Undone

The storyline of a lesbian falling for a straight married woman may be stereotypical and overdone, but there’s no denying it’s a reality that many queer women face. In Elena Undone, Peyton and Elena are from entirely different backgrounds. One is a well-known lesbian writer while the other is a mother and the wife of a priest.  

What begins as friendship quickly develops into something more profound. And despite Elena having never thought about kissing a woman, she has an overwhelming desire to do just that. 

What follows is said to be the most extended uncut kissing scene in cinema history. The 3:24 kiss is what every first kiss should be like – passionate, emotional, and will take your breath away. And I’m sure all of us lesbians can relate to the ‘soft like velvet’ statement.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian kissing scenes

19. Lez Bomb 

Lez Bomb is a lesbian Thanksgiving movie that has the potential to be really good. But unfortunately, it doesn’t quite live up to its hype.

When Lauren attempts to come out to her parents before her girlfriend Hailey arrives, all kinds of mishaps happen. Think ‘Meet the Parents’ but the queer version, and sadly, the slightly less funny version as well.

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian Netflix

20. A Perfect Ending 

It may not be one of the best lesbian movies on Amazon Prime, but let’s face it, you’re going to watch it anyway so I might as well add it to the list.  

The storyline follows middle-aged housewife Barbara, who, having never had an orgasm, calls in a female escort to do the job. You know, as you do.  

When Barbara meets Paris, the two women have an instant connection. And they fall in love in the most unlikely of circumstances.

At times the movie is quite cringe-worthy; however, there’s some superb acting and artistic cinematography that make the film worth a watch.  

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian movies netflix

Lesbian Movies on Amazon Prime to Rent

All the titles I have listed above should be included with your Amazon Prime subscription. However, Amazon has a whole other collection of movies that are only available for rent. You can find a ton of lesbian and WLW movies on there, but here I’m going to list just a handful of my favourites.

21. Disobedience

The title itself is seductive enough. But In this 2017 lesbian movie, we see acclaimed actresses Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams play former lovers reunited after years apart. 

Both women were born into Jewish families, only while Ronit escaped the customs expected of her, Esti is still a part of the community. Not only that, she is married.

The two women pick up where they left off, and embark in a passionate love affair. But of course, their situation is complicated, and I’m afraid I’ll have to insist you watch the movie for the rest.

Watch the Trailer Here

22. Imagine Me & You

Imagine Me & You was one of the first lesbian movies I ever watched. And despite the fact I adored it, I still didn’t clock on that I was gay for another five years. 

Anyhow, the storyline centres on Rachel and Luce, who fall for each other after meeting at Rachel’s wedding. Yes, you read that right. Rachel is newly married to a man, so as you can imagine, it gets kind of messy from there.

The movie deals with a controversial subject, but it does so in a sensitive and realistic way. The two lead characters have instant chemistry, and the ending is one of my favourite lesbian scenes of all time. All things considered, Imagine Me & You, is a must-watch for anybody who’s a sucker for a good love story.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian love scene

23. Freeheld

I feel like this movie needs to come with a warning. So I’m going to get that out of the way first.  Freeheld is a beautiful and heartwarming story, but it’s also going to break your heart. You have been warned.

Julie-Anne Moore and Ellen Page star in the movie, which chronicles the true story of a New Jersey police detective, who wishes to leave her pension benefits to her domestic partner after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. After being denied by the state, she escalates her claim, and what follows is a heartwrenching battle for equal rights.

This movie is powerful and important in so many ways. Capturing not only a tragic love story, but also how the actions of one incredible woman helped pave the way for LGBTQ+ equal rights across America.

Watch the Trailer Here

Lesbian Movie Amazon Prime

24. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

You’re likely to be familiar with this one since it is, without doubt, one of the most unforgettable lesbian movies ever released. It is a French period drama set in the 18th century and an enchanting lesbian love story.

The storyline follows Marianne, who must find a way to secretly paint a wedding portrait of Héloïse, a reluctant bride-to-be. Marianne observes Héloïse by day and paints her by night, but it isn’t long before a few stolen glances between the pair develops into something more profound.

The movie is a piece of art and provides an accurate portrayal of what it is like to be in a lesbian relationship. I can guarantee you will not regret spending the extra cash to rent this lesbian movie on Amazon Prime.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian movies on amazon prime

25. Loving Annabelle

Whilst not the most creative of lesbian movies, Loving Annabelle, is incredibly gripping. Not to mention, relatable to anybody who ever had a crush on their high school teacher.  (That’s you Miss Jackson, now you know why I got all those detentions with you).

Annabelle is a troubled teen who lands up in a catholic boarding school after being kicked out of two high schools. It’s here that she meets sheltered teacher Simone, and the film charts their relationship as the sexual tension between them builds to its crescendo.

A relatively well-acted production, a cute storyline, and a notable lesbian sex scene make this movie an essential watch.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian movie scene

26. Ammonite

Ammonite is a lesbian period drama. (yep, another one) with Kate Winslet at its lead, which tells the true story of fossil collector Mary Anning and her lover Charlotte Murchison who fell in love in 1840s England.

We’ve all heard the story before. It’s a forbidden love story, at a time where society condemned homosexuality. But it’s a great movie with superb acting. And the fact it’s a true story makes it all the more interesting.

Watch the Trailer Here

27. Mercy’s Girl

Without giving too much away, we found Mercy’s Girl to be hard to watch at times. I should also add a trigger warning for those who have suffered sexual abuse, abusive parents, and/or alcoholism. Yes.. it’s a lot.

Nonetheless, this dark lesbian movie on Amazon Prime touches on some important topics. And some may find it enlightening to see how tough things can be for some LGBTQ+ folx growing up.

The movie charts the life of Mercy, who on the one hand is happily dating free-spirited college student Jesse. And on the other, dealing with immense pressures at home amidst her uber-religious family.

Watch the Trailer Here

28. But I’m a Cheerleader

In this cult classic, Megan is sent to a conversion therapy camp after her parents suspect she might be a lesbian. Megan, having never questioned sexuality before is surprised. But when she meets out and proud lesbian Graham, she starts to wonder whether her parents were right after all.

There’s a reason that But I’m a Cheerleader is considered a lesbian classic, so if you haven’t seen it already, make it a priority to do so. Despite dealing with a serious topic, the whole movie is hilarious. And the fact that Megan is played by Natasha Lyone (Nicky from OITNB) is a great bonus.

Watch the Trailer Here

lesbian love scene

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