Lesbian Love Songs

Lesbian Love Songs – 20 WLW Songs to Set The Mood

Lesbian love songs are not as rare as they once were. In fact, every year, we see more and more queer artists singing openly about their $exual orientation. In this article, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best WLW songs so that you can add them to your playlist.

Do you remember listening to love songs on the radio? Wondering if there would ever be a song that spoke directly to your rainbow heart? Yep, me too.  

Of course, love is a universal language. So, I could always relate to the words in songs. However, I did wish there would be a song specifically about women loving women.

The first hint of such for me was in the early 2000s. When T.A.T.u released “All The Things She Said”, I was obsessed. I must have watched the video thousands of times, and looking back, that was my gay awakening right there.

Seeing as I went on to hide in the closet until my mid-20s, I didn’t seek out much lesbian music after that. But, imagine my delight when I finally did. I realised that there were many undiscovered lesbian songs for a lesbian like me.

And that’s what you’re going to find on this list. A mix of old and new lesbian love songs that will make the perfect playlist for date night with your love. Some are $exy, some are sad, and some are just downright cute. 

So let’s get to it; here are 20 of the Hottest Lesbian Love Songs of all time.

Lesbian Love Songs – 20 WLW Songs to Set The Mood

Cute Lesbian Love Songs

1. T.A.T.u. – All The Things She Said (2002)

Coming-of-age in the early 2000s was confusing as we weren’t exposed to much queer representation in media.  

So when the music video for All The Things She Said dropped, it was liberating. Portraying the duo as two teenage girls kissing in the rain was shocking and controversial for its time. But for the queer community, it’s iconic.

The video suggests the pair are trapped behind a wire fence as onlookers watch on disapprovingly. But there’s an unforgettable scene at the end that reveals that they are, in fact, the free ones, and it’s those gawking who are imprisoned.

FYI, Lena Katina and Julia Volkova are not part of the LGBTQ community in real life. Which I know raises some issues these days. But I couldn’t not share this song. It’s a banger!

Watch the music video

2. Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls (2015)

Girls Like Girls was Hayley’s first song after publicly coming out in 2015.  

She’s since gone on to be hailed the lesbian Jesus amongst the queer community. Which no doubt thrills overzealous Christians.

Bold & brazen lyrics such as “girls like girls like boys do” contrast perfectly with the electro-pop beats. It’s no wonder it’s become the coming-out anthem for countless queer young women.

The music video is both heartbreaking and cinematic, depicting the very real scenario of a young girl falling for her friend who also has a boyfriend. 

It’s more like a mini-movie, to be honest. Gripping from start to finish. And if you won’t take my word for it, maybe you will the 142 million views it’s racked up on YouTube.

Watch the music video

3. Rina Sawayama – Cherry (2018)

Rina Sawayama is captivating in the music video for Cherry – a catchy pop number about coming to terms with one’s sexuality.  

The track itself is fresh and relevant. It wouldn’t feel at all out of place on mainstream radio.

At the same time, it has a serious undertone. Rina sings, “even though I’m satisfied, I lead my life within a lie”. Which anyone who’s felt the burden of conforming to social expectations can relate to.

Watch the music video

4. Asiahn – Like You (2019)

This next R&B banger throws me back to my teenage years, echoing the sounds of Ashanti and Ja Rule.  

In Like You, the beautiful Asiahn sings about being in a troubled relationship. When she meets an attractive woman at the club, she’s tempted to stray. But her morals won’t allow her to.

Asiahn has a truly incredible voice. There’s a live prelude in the accompanying music video towards the end where she showcases her raw talent.

I put this one under the $exy lesbian love song category. The deep and sensual beats are ideal for setting the mood on date night.

Watch the music video

5. King Princess – Pu$$y is God (2018)

Finally, a religion I can get on board with! 

Brooklyn-born Mikaela Mullaney Straus is the openly gay and gender-queer legend behind the pop-phenomenon King Princess.  

If you haven’t listened to her music already, are you even a lesbian?

All jokes aside, this song is a masterpiece. In contrast to its rather explicit title, it’s actually quite romantic. It’s all about her feelings for a partner and how she loves everything about her.

Oh, but the lyrics “I’ve been praying for hours” really get me. They are so innocent when taken out of context.

Watch the music video

6. Beatrice Eli – Girls (2014)

Another lesbian making us proud and owning the music industry is Beatrice Eli. And Girls is one of the hottest lesbian love songs to have ever been released.

Beatrice sings about discovering her sexuality and lusting over girls in this electro-pop banger. Which, yeh, is instantly relatable to pretty much every lesbian in existence.

Wildly she sings about fantasising over her 6th-grade teacher, and yeh, I feel personally att@cked!

Watch the music video

7. Baum – Hot Water (2018)

New York born Sabrina Teitelbaum burst onto the queer music scene in 2018.  

Many of her songs are about coming-of-age and the sexism she has experienced in her life. 

Hot Water, however, is her coming out track. It’s all about her falling in too deep when she falls for another girl.  

She sings about lust and longing and suggests that she’s not got any experience with girls.  

With a catchy combination of funky electronic beats, Baum’s raw voice and relatable lyrics, this is one lesbian love song that’s fiercely underrated.

Watch the music video

8. Kehlani – Honey (2017)

Kehlani’s voice is sensual and sweet in this uplifting R&B ballad, about being a little broken but how the right love can help you to heal.

With the dreamy chords of acoustic guitar and an airy summertime vibe, Honey gives me all the feels. I can imagine driving off into the sunset with this as the soundtrack.

With its gorgeous retro aesthetics, the music video is equally pleasing. I just know you’re going to love everything about this cute wlw song.

Watch the music video

9. L-Devine – Daughter (2018)

Another lesbian love song that deserves more recognition is Daughter by English artist L-Devine.

Here we have a sweet and emotional pop ballad that addresses homophobic parents and refusing to conform to their ignorance.

While the original is excellent, I also recommend checking out the acoustic guitar version. It showcases just how talented this rising star is.

Watch the music video

10. K.D Lang – Constant Craving (1992)

Best Lesbian Love Songs

K.D Lang came out as a lesbian the same year as releasing this record. Despite the intolerance she undoubtedly had to face, this record was a huge success. She later went on to win a grammy.

Have you seen the lesbian movie Cloudburst, where Stella talks about her crush on K.D. Lang?

In Constant Craving, K.D tugs at the heartstrings with her effortless vocals and haunting lyrics. She sings of the physical and emotional desires that we as humans inevitably experience.

Visible lesbians like K.D Lang helped pave the way for the rest of us. So it makes me incredibly happy that this song will forever be a classic.

Watch the music video

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11. Halsey – Strangers ft. Lauren Jauregui (2017)

I love everything about Halsey. Notably, the fact that she’s openly bisexual and portrays herself as such in her music.  

Strangers was her first song about WLW. She collaborates with another bisexual artist, Lauren Jauregui, to bring us a $exy and haunting portrayal of a doomed love story.

Aren’t we the lucky ones? Their voices work together perfectly. It’s a powerful pop anthem without feeling at all cheesy.  

The music video is also worth watching, where the pair battle it out in the boxing ring. I love the theatrics of it all and how it symbolises the turmoil of a toxic relationship.

Watch the music video

12. Dodie Clark – She (2019) 

Dodie Clark’s She is an acoustic ode to the pain and despair of longing after somebody who can never know.  

If I had to describe rain with a song, this would be it. The raw and effortless tone of her voice reminds me of the likes of Lily Allen or Kate Nash. The lyrics are equally heartbreaking as they are soothing. 

Just her and her guitar, Dodie is the perfect example of raw and authentic talent. I hope to see her go mainstream in the future.  

Watch the music video

13. Dizzy Fae – Her (2018)

There is something deeply hypnotising and bewitching about this next track.  

From Dizzy Fae’s soulful and soothing vocals to the ambient electronica beats, everything about Her is deep and passionate.

 The song is a stunning depiction of the artists first time falling for a woman.

Adding flame to the fire is the accompanying music video that sees Dizzy dancing sensually with another woman.

Watch the music video

14. Zolita – Expl0sion (2015)

In this lesbian love song, Zolita sings of her real-life experience of falling in love with her best friend. 

With almost 20 million views on YouTube & thousands of comments, it seems she is not alone.

It’s heartbreaking, actually. You can feel the pain in her voice while she sings, “reached the bitter end, and I can’t pretend that I’m in love with my best friend”.

It seems that Zolita and her best friend did try to make things work for a while but couldn’t.

Remember the first rule of lesbian club, my loves: Never fall in love with a straight girl.  

Watch the music video

15. Indigo Girls – Power of Two (1994)

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are the lesbian duo behind the 90s folk band Indigo Girls.

Coming out was no easy feat in those days, but Amy and Emily wanted to inspire other lesbian women. They longed for a day when being labelled a lesbian would be a positive thing.

As a result of their ongoing advocacy for gay rights, they are rightly regarded as icons of the LGBTQ movement.

Their 90s hit The Power of Two continues to be a soundtrack to many couples lives, regardless of $exual orientation.  

With lyrics like “chase all the ghosts from your head, stronger than the monster beneath your bed”, it’s a track to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Watch the music video

16. Mary Lambert – She Keeps Me Warm (2014)

It wouldn’t be a list of lesbian love songs without this beautiful track by Mary Lambert.

Derived from the chorus of Macklemore’s Same LoveShe Keeps Me Warm is a tender and heartwarming account of being in love with another woman.

“I can’t change, even if I tried, even I wanted to” hits you right in the chest, doesn’t it? Those lyrics are now an iconic lesbian quote and I can only imagine how many times this song has been played at a lesbian wedding.  

Watch the music video

17. Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel (2018)

“It’s just the way you make me feel”. Oh yeh, this one is a real head-bopper.  

With a funky pop beat that radiates $exual energy, Make Me Feel gives me all the Prince vibes. I’m telling you, this is a timeless classic. We will be listening to this masterpiece for decades to come.

The song itself is all about validating $exual fluidity. Janelle Monae identifies as pansexual. She sings about being an “emotional, $exual bender” and can be seen gyrating with both men and women in the music video. 

All this beneath bisexual lighting makes for some of the most captivating cinematography in a queer music video that I’ve ever seen.

Watch the music video

18. Girl in Red – I’ll Call You Mine (2021)

Girl in Red is the Norwegian-born sensation taking the LGBTQ music scene by storm with her catchy indie anthems.

It’s hard to pick one track that stands out of hers; however, when it comes to lesbian love songs, I’ll Call You Mine fits the bill perfectly.

The lyrics “Sitting in the backseat, We’re driving so fast, Living in a daydream, It’s too good to last” represent the joint excitement and anxiety you feel when you fall in love.

At the start, it’s like a whirlwind. You want to give her your all, but you’re equally scared of getting hurt. This song depicts that feeling perfectly.

Watch the music video

19. Melissa Etheridge – Come To My Window (1993)

To some people, singing is as effortless as breathing. Melissa Etheridge is one of those people.

Similar to 90s star K.D Lang, Melissa released Come To My Window shortly after coming out in 1993. Despite facing intolerance and discrimination, she went on to become an international star.

In this soft rock queer anthem, Melissa sings, “I don’t care what they think, I don’t care what they say, what do they know about this love”.  

These words resonate with me as a lesbian woman even today. So can you imagine how liberating they would have been for queer folk back then?

Watch the music video

20. Gia Woods – Only a Girl (2016)

We’re rounding off this list with a $exy lesbian love song by queer artist Gia Woods.

Gia has been dubbed the Queer Persian Pop Princess, and in Only a Girl, she recalls her first same-sex relationship.

Over a series of basey-techno beats, she sings an all-too-relatable account of falling in love with a girl for the first time.  

I’ll be surprised if this track isn’t added to the list of coming-out anthems.

Watch the music video
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What Is Your Favourite Lesbian Love Song?

So there you have it, 20 of the best lesbian love songs of all time. Which one is your favourite? Are there any others that you think deserves a spot on this list?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. You can reach out to us in the comment section below or through our contact us page

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