20 Lesbian Couples on Instagram you Need to Follow in 2020

Lesbian couples to follow instagram

Until recent years, lesbian couples on Instagram have been notoriously underrepresented. But thankfully, that’s now all changed, and there are countless lesbian couples, sharing their story and inspiring others (us included) along the way. 

We always wonder what it might have been like growing up had we had a platform such as Instagram. Neither of us had any LGBT+ influence in our lives, which lead to a lot of confusion regarding our sexuality. While, of course, social media has its downsides, I think it’s wonderful that members of the LGBT+ community have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. 

When we started our lesbian couple Instagram account, it wasn’t our intention to get a ton of followers. But we realised how important it is to be visible on the platform, and play our part in ‘normalising‘ same-sex relationships. If we can inspire just one person to live their truest, most authentic life, then that to us, means the world. 

Almost three years down the line, and we could never have imagined having built such a beautiful and supportive community. We are continuously moved, inspired, and empowered, and the power of social media is a truly incredible thing.  

So let’s get to it. Here are 20 lesbian couples on Instagram you need to be following right now.

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20 Inspiring Lesbian Couples on Instagram you Need to Follow in 2020

The aim of this blog post is to share with you 20 of the most inspiring lesbian couples on Instagram. We could have listed you 100 as there are so many; however, we’ve narrowed it down to the accounts who excel in their area of expertise. Whether it’s travel, families, health, race equality, or general couple stuff, we’ve got a lesbian power-couple for you.

Gabi and Shanna – @27travels

We’re Gabi and Shanna, a lesbian travel couple based in Brooklyn, NY. Early on in our relationship, we started to realize that we both loved travelling. Since Gabi is a photographer and Shanna is a videographer and video editor, we made 27 Travels as our creative outlet. It started as an Instagram account where we would document our trips and adventures. We also started to realize how little information exists for LGBTQ+ travellers and we wanted to help change that.

SO WHY 27? No, it’s not our ages, or the number of countries we’ve visited, or how many trips we’ve taken. It’s the date of our anniversary! The number 27 means a lot to us and it always reminds us that every trip we take we learn more and more about ourselves, our relationship, and the world we inhabit. That’s also what we want to convey through 27 Travels. Travelling for us isn’t just about ticking destinations and activities off a list, it’s about growing, learning, and becoming more and more open-minded by experiencing new and different cultures from all over the planet.

We hope to inspire others to explore more of the world around them, and to spread the message that travel is inclusive to everyone no matter your gender or who you love. If you are following our page you can expect to find travels, adventure, love, positivity, and loads of colour and fun!

This is where you can find us:

Allie and Sam – @allieandsam

When it comes to lesbian couple representation on Instagram, Allie and Sam are pioneers. They share their captivating journey as a couple through stunning photography and inspiring captions. We absolutely adore their love story. They are both as equally beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and we love how connected they are with their followers. Last year we had the pleasure of watching them get married (through the ‘gram), and they made the most beautiful brides. We just love following this stunning couple, and we know you will too.

You can follow Allie and Sam on Instagram here @allieandsam

April and Bec – @aprilsanywhere

Hi, my name is April. I’m currently living in Brisbane, Australia with my fiancee Bec. We’re both originally from Australia however we actually met when we were living in London in 2014! We both share a passion for travel and experiencing different cultures. We’ve travelled around the world together during the last 6 years and have found a home in Brisbane. I try to encourage everyone to be themselves and to live their lives exactly the way they want to. Over on our tiny corner of the internet, I share our love, lives, adventures, and promote the importance of LGBTQ+ visibility!

You can follow April and Bec here @aprilsanywhere

Chris and Alex – @burritoandtortilla

We are a queer couple of gals living a hop and a skip from NYC in Jersey City, NJ. We both work in the television industry, and boy do we have some crazy stories because of it! When we aren’t working, we’re travelling – and more often than not, experiencing a few mishaps along the way. People always ask for our recommendations after we visit a new place, and nothing makes us happier than sharing them!

Our goal is to live a life that is rich in experiences, memories, and plenty of food. We share our lives online because we strive to be the visibility and representation we needed when we were younger. Above all, we want to encourage everyone to experience different places, peoples, and cultures because empathy is the key to dismantling prejudice.

Feel free to follow our fun! 

Brittany (Britt) and Melissa (MJ) – @brittanyandmelissa

Hi! We are Brittany (Britt) and Melissa (MJ) and we’re all about being open, honest and proud about our marriage here on social media! MJ is a former professional basketball player and Britt is a high school English teacher. Together, we flip classrooms around the United States and work hard to make sure LGBTQ+ students are represented in the curriculum.

When we aren’t advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, we are travelling, spending time with friends and family, or doing any kind of outdoor activity! Together, we self-published the coffee table style book called Proud Women, which features more than 100 brave and diverse women who are proud to represent the LGBTQ+ community. 

You can follow Brittany (Britt) and Melissa (MJ) here @brittanyandmelissa

Also, be sure to check out the book they published ‘Proud Women’ we are honoured to be featured in it!

Charl and Aislinn – @charlsummersuk & @aislinnok

Instagram to me is an escape from reality, growing up in an environment that didn’t support me being a lesbian, I turned online and created my own spaces to feel safe within. 

I mainly use Instagram to share LGBTQI+ content, which can be found on Lestalk_Podcast, Unite_Uk1 and Charlsummersuk.

Via the Lestalk Podcast, we discuss all things lesbian / queer womxn orientated to normalise many discussions that have become taboo. Whereas on Unite UK, it’s an Online LGBTQI+ platform for all members to share their voice.

On my personal page, it’s a journey of understanding, acceptance and a showcase reel of my relationship. It’s also space where I can share with the world who this crazy lesbian with the eyebrow slit is.

Whilst I have many platforms, I use them to spread the same authentic message: always choose to be you.

You can follow Charl and Aislinn on Instagram here: Lestalk_Podcast, Unite_Uk1 and Charlsummersuk

Heather and Kelsey – @heathermyriahpearson @kelseystacypearson

Heather and Kelsey Pearson met on Instagram in 2015, and have been infatuated with each other ever since. They are now married and work together as Social Media Influencers. Their pages @kelseystacypearson and @heathermyriahpearson on Instagram are full of vegan treats, zero-proof cocktails, cruelty-free products and clothing, travel, and a whole lot of love for each other! They also have a blog—shesmypearson.com—and a YouTube Channel—She’s My Pearson. Their mission is to share sustainable and ethical living with the world, while also sharing their love for each other! Be sure to follow this stunning lesbian couple on Instagram.

You can follow Heather and Kelsey on Instagram here: @kelseystacypearson and @heathermyriahpearson

Ryan and Ryan – @its.the_ryans

We are The Ryans’! Yes, Ryan is our first name not our last. We are an engaged strong, black LGBTQ couple who’s personal mission is “Making Abnormal, Normal”. We decided to share our lives on social media to shine a light on how normal our relationship actually is even though society thinks differently.   We believe that we are just as normal as the next heterosexual couple and wear our label proud and out loud.

Representation is very important to us, so we strive to be the best version of our community, both black & lesbian, and use our platform to bring visibility to both communities. We treat our sexuality and race as our brand, it’s who we are. We won’t do anything to tarnish our brand but will do everything to help amplify the voices of the invisible, in hopes of change in the future. We’ve been together for 7 years and are the mothers to two beautiful boys!

You can follow Ryan and Ryan here @its.the_ryans

Katja and Katka – @katkabogataj & @mrsbogataj

Hi, we are Katja and Katka, an adventurous couple from a small European country called Slovenia. We are 27 and 25 years old. We have been together for about 5.5 years and married for over one year. It’s going well so far haha. We both love travelling, good food, a glass of good wine, hiking and going out in nature, but at the end of a day, we love doing everything as long as we do it together.

Katja is a cinema and bar manager and I (Katka) specialize in working with youth. Katja also got her barista and latte art certificate, and I have mastered a sommelier course. We don’t know much about what the future holds for us, but we know that in a few years, we hope to also become two crazy moms.

You can follow Katja and Katka on Instagram here @katkabogataj & @mrsbogataj

Krystian and Caitlyn – @krystian_gabrielle

Our next inspirational lesbian couple is Krystian and Caitlyn; otherwise, know as @krystian_gabrielle. They are an interracial married couple from Florida with an adorable son named Grey, and they share snapshots of their lives as wives, Moms, and equality advocates. After stumbling across their account quite recently, we’ve loved following their journey as a family, and admire everything they stand for. Krystian is a strong and empowering Black woman, and together they not only speak up for the LGBT+ community but Black, Indigenous and people of colour, as well. Give them a follow, and you can thank us later!

You can follow Krystian and Caitlyn on Instagram here: @krystian_gabrielle

Steph and Kaitlin – @lezseetheworld

We are Steph & Kaitlin, a married lesbian travel couple from Vancouver, Canada. We are full-time creative entrepreneurs and the owners of Lez See the World! We share content on Instagram with the goal of being visible as proud lesbian women, and acting as the role models we never had growing up. We want to show other members of the LGBTQ+ community as well as our allies what gay women are capable of. We want to help empower other LGBTQ+ women to live their lives more openly and to chase their dreams. We aim to encourage others to live life on purpose whether that means travelling, running their own business, or simply being their authentic selves. Along with Instagram, you can also find us other places online. We also have a blog, a YouTube channel, and a community group on Facebook. See you there! 

Lisa and Bianca @lisbia_

Lisa and Bianca, otherwise known as @lisbia, are one of the hottest lesbian couples on Instagram. They live in Austria and have been a couple for over ten years! Now they showcase their beautiful love story with the world, inspiring LGBT+ people all over the world and proving that love is love. Style icons and pro photographers alike, you’re going to love following these two beauties just as much as we do.

You can follow Lisa & Bianca here: @lisbia_

Kirstie and Christine – @onairplanemode__

Hey! We are Kirstie and Christine! We’re an LGBTQ+ multicultural couple from New York City who left our day jobs to hit the road and backpack around the world. Our adventures have taken us from the streets of Southeast Asia to beer festivals in Germany, and the deserts in Rajasthan.

We are sharing our stories through creative content on our Instagram @Onairplanemode__ to inspire our followers to find their passion for travelling, all while celebrating who they are and who they love. We have our blog OnAirplaneMode Travels to create a community for travel guides, lifestyle tips and experiences, and more on being full-time travellers. Follow our love story as we keep it plain and simple around the world! 

You can follow Kirstie and Christine on Instagram here: @Onairplanemode__

Roxanne and Maartje – @onceuponajrny

Roxanne and Maartje, are a Dutch lesbian couple that travels all around the world. On the road, they started Once Upon A Journey. After being nomadic for three years, they call Amsterdam home again since early 2020.

These girls don’t shy away from countries that aren’t LGBT friendly but also celebrate the places that are. With being visible, travelling lesbian couple, the girls showcase that travel can be for everyone. Rox and Maartje are determined to show how beautiful the world can be. 

Find their vibrant photography on Instagram @onceuponajrny, and find the best travel tips over at their travel blog.

*When these ladies don’t travel, they cook! Head to their food blog for vegetarian and vegan (rainbow) recipes.

Charlotte and Natalie – @ourtasteforlife

If you are kind enough to want to follow us on Instagram, we would, of course, be deeply grateful. Similar to the content you’ll find on this blog, on Instagram, we share our life experiences as a lesbian couple. Whether that be travelling around the world, enjoying home life as a family, or general relationship & lifestyle stuff.

As I mentioned earlier, we’ve realised how important it is to be visible on social media platforms, and play our part in ‘normalising‘ same-sex relationships. Our goal is to inspire others to live their truest, most authentic lives, and chase their dreams, regardless of the challenges.

You can follow our journey on Instagram here: @ourtasteforlife

Verónica – @oh.mamiblue

It’s hard even to know where to begin with this remarkable lesbian couple on Instagram, but I can tell you they are seriously couple goals. Verónica and Jana have been a couple for 14 years, live in Portugal, are yummy mummies to a beautiful son named Alex, and have a hugely successful food blog. They share all things love, relationships, Mum life, cooking, recipes and more on their Instagram. And while their captions are mostly in Spanish, their stunning photography tells the story just perfectly. Give them a follow, and you can thank us later!

You can follow Verónica and Jana on their Instagram and blog.

Raff and Micaela – @raffinee

People often want to know who is who so before I get into our story, that’s Micaela on the right and, the left is me, Raffinee. 

Micaela and I attended the same University. We both majored in Biology but ended up meeting through mutual friends. She was a grade above me, but since we both played sports, we had a similar circle of friends. I always had a crush on her, (she was a total soccer star!) but we didn’t end up dating until a few years post-college while Micaela was finishing up her surgical residency interviews.

Flash forward a few years and now we live in the Bay Area! We have three children, our oldest Mateo and our twins Luca and Lola. We used the same sperm donor for all our children! Micaela carried Mateo and I carried the twins. 

Having children as a lesbian couple was definitely a journey and I’m passionate about helping anyone who wants to do that- so please feel free to reach out!

You can read more about our story on my blog www.raffoutloud.com or feel free to DM me on Instagram! 

Paula and Elin – @travel_therainbow

We are Paula and Elin, a Finnish and Swedish couple who met during our travels in Australia in 2017 and we’ve been travelling together since then. We started our Instagram 1,5 years ago when we thought it would be fun to document our travels and to start taking more photos together.

Through our Instagram, we share our travels, but we also talk about love and sustainable lifestyle. We want to bring out more LGBTQ+ visibility and hope to normalise being an LGBTQ+ person – that should never be a restrain for anyone to pursue their dreams and goals!

We spend a lot of time in nature and we hope to give tips on how to travel and live more sustainable so that our planet and wildlife would stay beautiful and healthy.  It’s really important for us to keep our account real, so our texts come from our hearts and we want to show that life is not always those perfect moments – even though social media might sometimes make it seem like it.

We have a blog traveltherainbowblog.com focusing on the same topics as our Instagram. We’re currently making some changes in there to make it the best guide for you it can be!

Follow Paula and Elin on Instagram here: @travel_therainbow

Jazmyn and Crystal – @vanwives

We are Jazmyn and Crystal – better known as Vanwives. We travel around the world in our tiny home on wheels, a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van with our two Australian Shepherd dogs Bella and Izzy. Both of us outfitted the van ourselves. It started as an empty shell and now the van is our full-time home. We’re currently on an adventure of a lifetime! We’re driving from our home in Canada to the tip of Argentina (on hold).

The best part about living in the van is being able to travel to foreign countries, take the path less travelled, immerse ourselves in each place we visit and share it with you! We document our alternative lifestyle and travels on YouTube & Instagram. We hope to show the countries we visit in a different perspective from that of the mainstream media and inspire others to see the world.

You can follow our journey here:

Steph and Ells – @wearewanderingtravel

We’ve been together for over 3 years now but have known each other since 2009. For a majority of our relationship we have travelled the world and even lived in New Zealand for one year in our little campervan, Patch. Since returning home to the UK last year, we have bought an LDV Convoy minibus to convert into a campervan.

We also started our own online travel business. We became qualified and trained as Independent Travel Agents and hope to encourage you all to make greener choices when travelling and be more sustainable. Next year, you’ll see us gallivanting around Europe in our mini-home-on-wheels, but for now, you can watch us build our campervan and explore the UK and surrounding islands.

You can follow Steph and Ells on Instagram here @wearewanderingtravel

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