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Jemeluk Bay is a stunning stretch of black sand beach located in Amed, East of Bali. As a result of its calm, clear waters and flourishing coral reefs it is also considered to be one of the best snorkelling spots on the island.  After spending some time snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay, we consider it to be one of the best experiences you can have during your time in Bali. We recommend it as part of our 10-day Bali Itinerary, along with other activities in East Bali such as Bukit Cinta Viewpoint and Bias Tugel Beach

We’d heard very little about Amed before visiting, so we were surprised to find such a breathtaking coastline on this part of the island. Of course, this black sand beach is unlike any other beaches in Bali. With the prodigious Mount Agung continually looming over you, it adds an air of mystery and drama. In all honesty, you can’t help but feel slightly intimidated by its presence.  Wondering where to go in Bali?  Amed is one of our favourite spots!

In this guide, we advise everything you need to know ahead of visiting Jemeluk Bay – A Beach & Snorkelling Hotspot. Including rental fees, how to get there, what to expect & more. 

Jemeluk Bay Amed – A Beach & Snorkelling Hotspot

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Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali
Black Sand at Jemeluk bay

How to Get to Jemeluk Bay Amed

Getting to Jemeluk Bay in Amed is relatively straightforward; however, it makes sense to stay local if you want to make a day of it. A lot is going on in and around and Amed, so we suggest spending 2 or 3 days here to explore the area.

If you are travelling from Caangu, you can expect your journey time to be around 3hrs, while from Ubud it is 2.5hrs. With this in mind, the most convenient way of getting to Jemeluk Bay is via scooter.

To rent a scooter in Bali is around 60,000 IDR per day. The roads in Bali are, for the most part, in excellent condition. And if you are confident on a bike, this is the cheapest way to get around. 

 Alternatively, you can use a local driver or Grab Taxi. The latter tends to be the cheaper option if you plan on going from A to B. However, if you want a driver for the whole day, you should negotiate with a local transport company.

If you follow the pinned location on the map below, the route will lead you through Amed town. You’ll have to take it easy on the road here as it’s easy to miss the turning down to the beach. You’ll often find locals hanging around at the entrance of the parking area to Jemeluk bay; however, there is no charge to park here.  

Once you’ve parked up, follow the bay around to the right where you’ll find a couple of beach bars. Directly in front of those bars is where you’ll find the best snorkelling spots, with healthy coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and even an underwater temple.

Jemeluk Bay Amed Map Location

Things to Know Before Visiting 

Here is all the information you’ll need ahead of snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay in Amed:

Jemeluk Bay Entrance Fee

Entrance Fee: Free

Parking: Free

Snorkel Rental in Amed

It couldn’t be any easier to rent snorkel equipment in Amed. Every other store, restaurant, and hotel in the town seem to offer the same deal. You can rent beforehand, or pick your gear up at one of the beach bars at Jemeluk Bay. Either way, the going rate is 50,000 IDR for the mask, snorkel, and flippers.  

Best Time to Visit

The best time for snorkelling in Bali will be in the dry season which runs from April to late September. While there is always a chance of the odd rainy day, during this time you have the best chance of calm waters and clear visibility.  

July and August are considered the high season in Bali, and consequently, prices are higher, and places are busier. While Amed doesn’t get as crowded as other tourist hubs in Bali, it’s still better to visit outside of this time for a more peaceful experience.

To assess the best time of day for snorkelling, it pays to keep an eye on the Bali tide timetable and check for low tides. At low tide, you have a better chance of clear, calm waters, as well as spotting the underwater statues.

Time Required

We recommend allowing at least half a day to visit Jemeluk Bay. While you may only snorkel for 1-2 hours, it’s the ideal beach to chill out for the day. 

What to Take

Don’t forget to take these items with you when snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay.

  • Water shoes to wear in the water – We Recommend: Aleader 2 in 1 Hiking Shoes. Use code OURTASTEFORLIFE15 for 15% off your order
  • Go Pro Hero 7 – We Recommend: GoPro Hero 7 (White) Action Camera + Adventure Kit
  • Snorkelling Gear – We Recommend: Travel Snorkelling Set
  • Waterproof Bag to protect valuables – We Recommend: Waterproof Dry Bag-10L/20L/30L
  • Bathing suit & towel for the obvious – We Recommend: Microfiber Travel Towel
snorkelling at jemeluk bay
Clear waters at Jemeluk bay

Our Experience at Jemeluk Beach Amed

We arrived in Amed early so we could make the most of the day relaxing and snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay. After dropping our gear off at the hotel, we took our scooter down into the town. Our first stop was to pick up some snorkelling gear, which we effortlessly picked up in the first souvenir shop we found. We paid 100,000 for two full sets of snorkelling gear and were allowed to keep them for 24-hours. 

After forgetting to download offline maps onto our phone, we had to rely on directions to get us to Jemeluk Bay. It’s straightforward enough, but it’s a small turning with no sign so easy to miss without a map. Anyhow, we made it on our third run through the town and followed instructions by a local guy to the parking area.  

We hadn’t even turned off the engine before a local guy from one of the bars come running over. ‘Snorkelling Maam’, ‘Sunbed Maam’, he repeated until we finally answered him. Although we declined the offer of a sunbed, we learned that the charge is 10,000 IDR for the entire day. Not a bad deal really but we planned on spending most of our time on the water.  

Nevertheless, we followed him to the bar area and found a spot where we could leave our belongings. As we planned on snorkelling together, we only brought along the items we needed, such as our towel and go pro. Any valuables were left behind at the hotel so we wouldn’t need to leave them unattended. The bars pledge to look after your valuables if you rent a bed from them; however, having no experience, I wouldn’t like to comment on how reliable they are. 

Snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay, Bali

Snorkelling at Jemeluk Bay in Amed

It had been a while since our last snorkelling experience, so we made the rookie error of putting all our gear on before getting to the water. If you’ve ever seen somebody awkwardly waddling along in flippers, you can imagine the scene.  

After making it into the water, we only had to swim out a few metres before getting our first glimpse of marine life. Tropical fish of all shapes and colours circulated the coral reef, which in all honesty could have been healthier. Jemeluk Bay seems to be frequented by many boats, and it’s clearly having a negative effect. Still, I’ve seen a lot worse, and for now, the fish seem happy enough.  

We swam out further toward the buoy at the centre of the bay. This spot marks the location of the underwater temple, more aptly known as the underwater post office. It really isn’t that big at all, but still beautiful to look at and offers some cool underwater photo opportunities.  

In regards to marine life, we’d heard stories of snorkellers spotting sea turtles and reef sharks; however, we weren’t so lucky. Nevertheless, we were happy to marvel at the various coral species playfully swimming along in the water. If you are seeking a more adventurous experience, there are numerous snorkelling spots in Amed where you could potentially spot the bigger guys.  

In conclusion, Jemeluk Bay is the ideal spot for a calm and gentle snorkelling experience. I would say you could even feel confident bringing along your kids, so long as they are wearing a life jacket and you keep a close eye on them.

Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali Snorkelling
Clear waters and flourishing coral reefs

Where to Stay in Amed

Hostel – Black Sand Hostel – Boasting epic views of Mount Agung, Black Sand Hostel is the best pick of a small bunch in Amed.  The dorms are simple but comfortable and you get a free breakfast included with your stay.

Budget – Ocean Resort Amed – A stunning beachfront property in the heart of Amed, Ocean Resort is incredible value for money.  Boasting an outdoor swimming pool and ocean views, what more could you ask for on a budget.

Mid-Range – Oasis – For a touch of luxury in Amed, Oasis is great value for money.  The property itself is beautiful, boasting a garden, outdoor pool, and restaurant.  Furthermore, you’re not far from Ameds top attraction.

For more places to stay in Amed, you can check the latest prices here.

Snorkel Responsibly

It should go without saying; however, when enjoying your time at Jemeluk Bay, it’s important to be mindful of yourself and the environment.

There are many small steps you can take to becoming a responsible traveller. In the meantime, here are some things to keep in mind when snorkelling in Bali.

  • Be careful with any rubbish that it doesn’t fly away.  Keep it secure until you can dispose of it properly.
  • Wear Reef Safe sunscreen.
  • Try to avoid touching anything under the water.

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Well, that concludes our guide to Jemeluk Bay – A snorkelling hotspot in Bali.  If you have any questions or feel we have missed anything, please reach out to us in the comment section below. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram here!

Stay Adventurous and Happy Travels!

Charlotte & Natalie x

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Jemeluk Bay Amed Bali

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