Everfun Soft Cooler Bag Review

EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack – An Honest Review

The EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack is the ultimate accessory for camping, hiking, and other outdoorsy adventures. In this guide, I give a complete and honest review of the product, so you can decide if it’s a worthy purchase for you.

As lovers of hiking and other outdoor adventures, we are always on the lookout for innovative outdoor accessories.

Anything that will make our lives easier or more convenient is always a winner in our eyes. So when EVERFUN asked us to try out their Insulated Cooler Backpack, we jumped at the chance.

In this article, I’ll share our experiences using this exciting new product alongside all the benefits of purchasing one for your next outdoor activities

So let’s get to it – here’s an honest review of the EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack.

Everfun Coolbag Review

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Who are EVERFUN?

EVERFUN are a fresh and emerging outdoor accessory brand providing innovative solutions to those who love being amongst nature.

They believe that the human spirit craves connection with nature and that the various outdoor activities we participate in manifest that.

It’s EVERFUN’s mission to encourage this primal instinct and provide innovative products that will allow more of us to embrace an outdoor lifestyle.

Whether hiking a mountain, picnics by the lake, or water sports on the beach, EVERFUN’s diverse range of products are made especially for you.

Everfun Coolbag Review

Key Features of EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack

  • 20 Hours of Cooling
  • Waterproof & Lightweight
  • Insulated Compartments & Multi-Pockets
  • Leak-Proof & Sweat-Free
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Large Capacity – Up to 33 Cans
  • Equipped with a Bottle Opener

Our Experience with EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack

We’ve tried out the EVERFUN Cooler Backpack on several occasions now, and we couldn’t be happier with its functionality.

Other existing cool bags and boxes on the market have always been far too big or uncomfortable to carry with us on long hikes.

So by now, we’d kind of accepted that our sandwiches would always be soggy and our drinks would always be warm.


Now, that no longer needs to be the case! The EVERFUN Cooler Backpack not only keeps everything fresh and chilled, but it’s also very comfortable to carry.

The straps have a lovely cushioning on them, which helps with heavier loads. And the back is lined with mesh, allowing your back to breathe so you don’t get too sweaty.

We were also impressed by how much we could fit inside the backpack. On one occasion, we packed lunch, drinks, and snacks for four people. On another, several bottles of beer.


Everfun Cooler Bag Review

I haven’t tested the 33-can theory yet, but I have no doubt that it would easily fit them in.

Some several pockets and compartments allow you to segregate stuff easily. Plus, the cooler bag is lined, so you can add ice or water without it leaking.

The attached bottle opener is also a clever and helpful addition.

We do not doubt that we will continue to get fantastic use out of our EVERFUN cooler backpack. I have no problem recommending it to anyone who enjoys outdoor activities.

EVERFUN Soft Cooler Backpack FAQs

I’m sure you still have questions that I’ve left unanswered. Hopefully, you can find what you’re looking for in this section.

How long will my food & drinks stay cool? 

The EVERFUN backpack cooler is insulated with thickened 8mm foam and uses an advanced PEVA seal for blocking UV rays. This helps beverages and foods stay cool for up to 20 hours.

What are the product dimensions?

This particular cooling backpack measures 43cm H x 26cm W x 19cm D.

Can I put ice or water inside?

EVERFUN’s high-tech seamless hot pressing process for its inner liner allows you to add ice or water without leaking. Additional smooth horizontal zippers enhance its anti-leaking properties.

Is this product expensive?

We expected a hefty price tag to come with such a convenient and innovative product. However, it’s actually very affordable at just $49.99 (£40).

Where can I use this backpack cooler?

The EVERFUN backpack cooler is designed to be used anywhere outdoors.  It’s super convenient for activities such as camping and hiking. But you can also take it with you for picnics in the park or sunbathing on the beach.

How many compartments does the backpack have?

Several compartments allow you to segregate your food, drinks, and other items.  The cooling backpack features 2 insulated compartments for cooling drinks & foods. It also has 1 front pocket and 2 side pockets to hold other items like snacks, phones, and wallets. Another handy feature is that it comes equipped with a bottle opener.

Other Products in the EVERFUN Range

EVERFUN are a new brand and working on building up their collection. However, alongside their range of cooling backpacks, they have awesome hydration packs and handy toiletry bags.

They were kind enough to send us their 2L Hydration Backpack to try, and it’s another super convenient accessory for our long runs and hikes.

You can shop the full range of EVERFUN products by clicking the button below.

Thank you For Reading!

EVERFUN are pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovative outdoor accessories. The products we have tried have been of excellent quality and value.

We have no problem recommending the EVERFUN Cooling Backpack Range to anyone who enjoys outdoor activities and adventures.

While this hiking gear review is sponsored by EVERFUN, all thoughts and opinions are our own. We only ever recommend products that we enjoy using ourselves.

I hope this review has proved helpful to you. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions!

Stay adventurous and Happy travels.

Charlotte & Natalie
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