LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies

20 Best LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies to Watch in 2023

If you’re looking for a list of the best LGBTQ+ Christmas movies, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I share 20 of our favourite Christmas movies with LGBTQ+ storylines and where and how you can watch them.

The holiday season is often associated with family, togetherness, and—let’s not forget—a good movie marathon!

And while holiday films tend to centre on traditional, heteronormative narratives, there’s a growing number of LGBTQ Christmas movies that shine a light on diverse love stories and family dynamics.

Regardless of how you identify, these 20 films offer an inclusive holiday narrative. So, cosy up with some hot cocoa and enjoy these joyous Christmas movies with LGBTQ+ storylines at the forefront.

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20 Must-Watch LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies

1. Carol

scene from carol lgbtq christmas movie

Carol is a film that transcends the conventional holiday movie genre. It’s easily one of the best lesbian movies of all time, and it just so happens to take place over the Christmas season.

Set against the backdrop of 1950s New York, the movie follows Therese, a young aspiring photographer, as she forms a deep and intimate connection with Carol, a beautiful older woman.

Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of Carol’s challenging divorce, adding an element of risk and secrecy to their romance.

Based on the lesbian novel “The Price of Salt,” Carol delivers a timeless and beautifully crafted portrayal of love and self-discovery, making it a must-watch film for the holiday season.

Carol is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime and to buy for download on YouTube.

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2. Single All the Way

single all the way scene

We long anticipated Netflix’s first original gay Christmas movie, and we were not disappointed!

Single All the Way follows perpetually single Peter, who convinces his friend to act as his boyfriend when they visit his family for the holidays.

No prizes for guessing what happens next. But, despite the tropes and cliches, this feel-good LGBTQ+ Christmas movie provides the representation we’ve all been waiting for.

Plus, it stars Jennifer Coolidge as Peter’s hilarious and flamboyant Auntie – need I say more?

Single All the Way is available to watch on Netflix.

3. Make the Yuletide Gay

scene from make the yuletide gay

College student Olaf “Gunn” Gunnunderson is openly gay at school but not to his family.

The movie humorously explores what happens when his boyfriend, Nathan, unexpectedly shows up for Christmas.

It’s your typical ‘coming-out’ gay comedy, but it does it rather well with the help of a clever and amusing script.

For a budget movie, it’s not bad at all.

Make the Yuletide Gay is available to rent on Amazon Prime & Apple TV.

4. Happiest Season

scene from happiest season christmas movie

Making a significant breakthrough in the realm of LGBTQ+ Christmas movies, Happiest Season was the first mainstream holiday movie to shine a spotlight on lesbian characters.

Abby and Harper plan a visit to Harper’s parents for Christmas, unknowingly stepping into a complex situation where Harper hasn’t yet come out to her family.

This revelation puts strain on their relationship, compelling them to act as friends, navigating the discomfort until Harper is ready to disclose the truth.

What unfolds is a rollercoaster of awkward and sometimes difficult-to-watch events. To know if the title promises a happy ending, you’ll have to experience the film for yourself.

Happiest Season is available for streaming on Hulu and to buy for download on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

5. El Sabor de la Navidad

scene from LGBTQ Christmas Movie

A new LGBTQ+ Christmas movie for 2023, “El Sabor de la Navidad”, promises to be a heartfelt and poignant portrayal of the complex dynamics within Mexican families during the festive season.

This Spanish-language film, produced by Salma Hayek, ingeniously weaves together three distinct Christmas narratives. Each offers a glimpse into the struggle of maintaining tradition while embracing societal progress.

One of the storylines is about a mother learning to embrace her trans daughter, Penelope when she joins the family for Christmas dinner.

Trans representation is severely lacking in the festive movie genre, so we hope this is the first of many trans-inclusive Christmas films to grace our screens.

El Sabor de la Navidad will be available for streaming on ViX from November 2023.

6. Dashing in December

Dashing in December Sleigh Scene

Expect gay cowboys, predictable storylines and festive fun in this next LGBTQ+ Christmas movie.

Wyatt is at the centre of the storyline, a New Yorker who returns to his hometown during the holidays to convince his Mom to sell the family ranch.

While home, he meets Heath, the handsome ranch hand who has been helping out his Mom. Naturally, there is some friction to begin with, but a romantic connection soon emerges.

Have no doubt, this is your stereotypical Christmas movie, but isn’t that our guilty pleasure at this time of year?

Dashing in December is available to buy on Amazon Prime.

7. A New York Christmas Wedding

ANYCW LGBTQ+ Christmas Movie

Netflix has been a trailblazer in showcasing LGBTQ+ narratives; this movie is no exception. Despite its evident low-budget nature, the film is a significant step forward for inclusivity.

At its helm is a woman of colour, adding a vital layer of diversity to the storyline. The movie follows Jenny, who encounters her guardian angel on the eve of her Christmas wedding.

Reminiscent of the classic A Christmas Carol, the angel grants Jennifer a glimpse of the life she might have lived had she embraced her feelings for her childhood friend, Gabby.

While the film carries the charming and sometimes cheesy traits of a typical Christmas rom-com, its importance lies in its inclusivity, making it a worthwhile addition to your December watchlist.

A New York Christmas Wedding is available for streaming on Netflix and Hoopla and to buy for download on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

8. Shared Rooms

shared room gay christmas scene

This indie LGBTQ Christmas movie from the same director as ‘Make the Yuletide Gay’, intertwines the lives of several gay men during the holiday season.

Surprisingly, this movie ditches the usual stereotypical storylines and offers a fresh take on love, family, and identity within the gay community.

At times, the movie lacks depth and feels rushed, but if you’re looking for a happy ending and some full-frontal nudity this Christmas, you won’t be disappointed!

Shared Rooms is available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime.

9. The Holiday Sitter

The Holiday Sitter Christmas Scene

“The Holiday Sitter” follows the delightful story of Sam as he takes on the role of babysitter for his niece and nephew in the days leading up to the holiday season.

In a surprising twist of fate, Sam’s world is infused with unexpected romance when he enlists the help of the charming and attractive neighbour, Jason.

This adorable narrative not only weaves a tale of queer love and seasonal cheer but also marks a significant milestone as Hallmark’s first-ever LGBTQ-themed Christmas movie.

The film is joyous, funny, and predictable in equal measure and stars Jonathan Bennet, who we all know and love from Mean Girls.

The Holiday Sitter is available for streaming on DIRECTV or to buy as a download on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

10. Merry & Gay

Merry & Gay LGBTQ+ Characters

A groundbreaking LGBTQ+ Christmas film that ushers in a new era of inclusivity in the festive movie landscape is Merry & Gay.

At the heart of the story is Becca, a talented Broadway star who returns to her hometown during the holiday season and is reacquainted with her high school sweetheart, Sam.

Sam is the first openly non-binary leading character in a Christmas movie, bringing much-needed diversity to the narrative.

Amidst the twinkling lights and festive cheer, their romance rekindles. Thanks in part to the meddling of their two moms, who support and encourage their love to blossom once more.

Merry & Gay is available for streaming on Amazon Prime or to buy as a download on Apple TV.

11. Season of Love

season of love lesbian scene

This next lesbian-centered film goes beyond the typical holiday movie formula, featuring not just one but three lesbian couples at its core.

Embracing a Love Actually style of romantic comedy, the film interweaves the love stories of these couples, offering a diverse and heartwarming experience.

Refreshingly, Season of Love steers clear of tragic plot twists and instead celebrates love in its many forms, including interracial lesbian relationships.

For those searching for that cosy, feel-good Christmas spirit, Season of Love is a must-watch during this holiday season.

Season of Love is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and to buy as a download on Tello.

12. The Christmas House

Family scene from The Christmas House

This next LGBTQ+-themed Christmas movie is a heartwarming story that captures the essence of family, love, and the holiday spirit.

As the festive season approaches, a mother and father dealing with marriage issues call upon their two grown sons to gather at home for the holidays.

One of those sons is openly gay, Brandon, who, alongside his husband Jake, eagerly awaits news about the adoption of their first child.

Overall, this is a beautiful Hallmark Christmas movie, capturing the magic of Christmas and the transformative power of family bonds.

The Christmas House is available for streaming on Hallmark TV on Amazon Prime.

13. Under the Christmas Tree

Under the Christmas Tree Movie

“Under the Christmas Tree” was the highly anticipated lesbian Christmas movie of 2021.

Produced by Lifetime, it was their first-ever Christmas movie to feature a lesbian romance, and it did well to live up to the hype.

The film centres around Alma, a talented marketing professional and Charlie, a Christmas tree expert. Their paths cross when Charlie discovers the perfect tree for the Maine Governor’s Holiday Celebration, conveniently located in Alma’s backyard.

Although their initial encounter is less than ideal, their undeniable chemistry ignites a magical Christmas romance.

Under the Christmas Tree is available for streaming on Hulu and to buy for download on Amazon Prime.

14. Tangerine

Tangerine LGBTQ Christmas Movie

Tangerine is a Christmas-adjacent film following the lives of two trans women of colour who are also $ex workers.

The story follows Sin-Dee and Alexandra, recently released from jail, as they navigate the whirlwind of their lives in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve.

Alexandra prepares for an upcoming performance while Sin-Dee confronts the infidelity of her boyfriend, Chester, sparking dramatic events.

Shot entirely on three iPhone 5S smartphones, “Tangerine” challenges the typical portrayal of prosperous white families during the holiday season.

Tangerine is available for streaming on RakutenTV and to buy for download on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

15. Let it Snow

Let it Snow Lesbian Characters

A heartwarming tale of unlikely connections during a snowstorm in a quaint Midwestern town on Christmas Eve sets the tone of this next queer holiday movie.

While the central plot focuses on these connections and the festive spirit of the season, a noteworthy subplot revolves around a lesbian couple, adding depth and diversity to the storyline.

The film portrays the journey of one of the girls as she grapples with accepting her $exuality, highlighting the importance of self-discovery and understanding.

While “Let It Snow” follows some familiar rom-com tropes, it successfully captures the essence of the holiday season, delivering a heartwarming and uplifting experience for the audience.

Let it Snow is available for streaming on Netflix.

16. You Should Meet My Son

You Should Meet my Son Movie Scene

“You Should Meet My Son” is a hilarious LGBTQ+ Christmas comedy that revolves around a conservative mother who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

When she stumbles upon the fact that her son is gay, she sets her heart on finding him the ideal boyfriend just in time for the holidays.

The plot unfolds as she hilariously navigates the realm of modern dating, trying to matchmake in the most unconventional and endearing ways.

It’s over-the-top, completely gay, and utterly hilarious—the perfect addition to your festive watchlist. 

You Should Meet My Son is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

17. Rent

Rent Cast

A critically acclaimed musical, Rent vividly portrays the lives of several LGBTQ characters of the Lower East Side during the escalating HIV/AIDS crisis.

The narrative unfolds on Christmas Eve, delving into the complex interplay of love, acceptance, and the unyielding human spirit amidst adversity.

With its compelling storyline and memorable musical compositions, “Rent” is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits role.

Rent is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and YouTube.

18. The B!tch who Stole Christmas

Ru Paul in Christmas Movie

This next LGBTQ+ Christmas movie brings together the iconic RuPaul and an ensemble of Drag Race contestants alongside a star-studded cast of other celebrities.

The story follows a fashion journalist thrust into the heart of a Christmas-obsessed small town in pursuit of a headline story.

Amidst the swirl of flamboyant personalities and the fierce competition of the “winter ball,” she discovers a diabolical scheme that threatens to obliterate Christmas forever.

Despite the terrible acting and predictable storylines, this camp sleigh ride of outrageous fun is a must-watch for Drag Race super fans.

The B!tch Who Stole Christmas is available to stream on WOW Presents Plus.

19. Christmas at the Ranch

Christmas at the Ranch characters

Christmas at the Ranch is a heartwarming tale of unexpected love amidst the backdrop of a struggling family ranch.

When faced with the daunting task of rescuing her family’s beloved ranch from impending closure, Haley Hollis finds herself drawn to the charismatic ranch hand, Kate. (Sound familiar?)

Little did Haley anticipate the extent of time they would spend together, and even less so the blossoming romantic feelings that would ensue.

There are no prizes for originality here, but the magical festive vibes paired with the heartwarming romance are enough to give you all the feels.

Christmas at the Ranch is available to stream on Amazon Prime and rent or buy on Apple TV and YouTube.

20. The Christmas Setup

Cast from The Christmas Set Up

Our final festive movie first aired in 2020, a significant mark as the first LGBTQ-themed Christmas movie ever showcased by Lifetime.

The heartwarming narrative revolves around Hugo, a meticulous New York City attorney who heads home for the holiday season with his best friend, Madelyn.

Amongst the festivities, Hugo reunites with his high school crush, Patrick. As the old flame reignites, Hugo is forced to reconsider his career path and aspirations.

The movie is cute and believable, which you would hope since the two protagonists are real-life husbands!

The Christmas Setup is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.

Enjoy These LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies

So there you have it: 20 diverse LGBTQ+ Christmas Movies to add to your watchlist this festive season.

What do you think? Have you seen them all? Are there any others that you think deserve a spot on this list?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. You can reach out to us in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas & Happy Binging!

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