Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

The Best Lesbian Tattoo Ideas – 35 Gorgeous Designs

It’s true, what they say, isn’t it? Tattoos are addictive. Of course they are; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here searching for the best lesbian tattoo ideas. Or perhaps this is your first time, and you want to break your cherry with something that represents that beautiful rainbow heart of yours.  

Either way, planning a tattoo can be great fun. Tattoos allow us to express ourselves in a way that we can’t achieve through fashion alone. When done right, they can complement our look and style flawlessly. Come to think about it; tattoos are the ultimate fashion accessory.

The truth is though, while tattoos are awesome (yep, and $exy), they aren’t to be taken lightly. It’s not like experimenting with different hairstyles, where you can wait for it to grow back. There’s no going back from a tattoo unless you want to undergo some painful treatment.  

Nope, you’re in it for the long run sister. So please don’t rush into having your girlfriend of three months name tattooed onto your left butt cheek. I know you love her, and I know you think she’s the best thing since sliced bread, but trust me on this one.

Anyhow that’s where I come in. In this article, I’ve got a ton of lesbian tattoo ideas to inspire your next trip to the studio. And while there are a few matching tattoos for lesbian couples, there’s not a name or an initial insight. Hallelujah! 

*Please note the following tattoo designs are for inspiration only. It would be unethical for any tattooist to copy the exact design of another artist.  

The Best Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

#1. Lesbian Starter Pack

Lesbian Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo Artist – @d.olivaes

I had to laugh at this one. Who knew you could fit so many lesbian stereotypes onto one sheet of paper.

These sticker style designs are brilliant if you have a sense of humour. You can pick one or two to have on their own or include them all as part of the ultimate lesbian sleeve or collage.

#2. Delicate Back Tattoo

Two Women Kissing Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @paula_patchwork

I love how pretty and delicate this design is. It’s pretty big in size and certainly makes a statement; however, it’s still very soft and feminine.

I’m not an expert on tattoo styles, so correct me if I’m wrong, but it has a Japanese feel to me. And two women kissing is of course a natural choice for a lesbian tattoo.

#3. The Gay Agenda

The Gay Agenda Tattoo
Photo – @rachelfunk.art/ Tattoo Artist @vincent_van_mo

Now, I always thought that The Gay Agenda was some right-wing evangelical movement against the LGBTQ+ community. However, there is nothing homophobic about this tattoo.

Perhaps it’s a big middle finger up at those who created The Gay Agenda. If so, I love it even more.

#4. Vintage Style

Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @lkrg77

This vintage style of tattoo is just as popular as it was decades ago, and while this lesbian tattoo design might not be traditional, the bold appearance certainly is.

As you can see, the style relies on heavy black outlines and a limited colour palette, but the outcome is quite striking.

#5. U-Hauling

U-Haul Tattoo
Artist – @beholder_tattoo

You’ve all heard the joke, haven’t you? What does a lesbian take on a second date? A U-Haul van. Yep, just another one of those hilarious lesbian stereotypes, which, let’s face it, we can’t deny.

I can only assume the broken heart suggests that moving too fast in a lesbian relationship only ends in tears. And what better reminder than a tattoo on the arm.

#6. Queer Sticker Tattoos

Queer Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo Artist – @softfury

OK, how awesome are these? I know they aren’t all aimed explicitly at lesbians, but there’s some brilliant inspiration there. I’m not usually a fan of sticker style tattoos, but these designs might just have the potential to change my mind.

#7. Lesbian Fairytale

lesbian tattoo
Artist Unknown

My prince charming is a princess. I cannot cope with how cute this design is. And touche to the artist. They’ve nailed the characteristic of Cinderella and Snow White.

Now, Disney, when are you going to give us the lesbian love story we’ve been dreaming about since we were little girls?

#8. Super Human

Lesbian Tattoo designs
Tattoo Artist – @squigglysqualor

OMG, I love this so much. We all know the feeling don’t we? When we fall in love, it’s easy to feel like we’re superhuman.

That’s how I interpret this tattoo design anyhow, but I’m sure it could have various meanings. Either way, it’s such a quirky and unusual creation. I’m saving it myself for future inspiration.

#9. Gender Symbols

Tattoo Artist – @charlotteannharris

The matching gender symbols are an iconic and timeless lesbian tattoo idea. But, of course, there are endless variations of designs and styles.

Here we have them represented in a vintage style design, with thick black lines and bold colours. It’s the perfect size for either your forearm or shoulder, or blow it up slightly and have it on your calf.

#10. The Queen of my Heart

Tattoo Artist – @tere_tattooing

Here we have another clever adaptation of a traditional tattoo design, and I am here for it! Whoever would have thought that a playing card could look so… queer. And the great thing about this design is you could scale it to be as big or small as you like.

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$exy Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

#11. Sapphic Love

Sexy Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @sapphicloveillustrations

Wow. This tattoo is $exy as hell. It’s a beautiful take on the traditional pop-up girl style of tattoos. It reminds me of the lesbian novel Fingersmith or some other lesbian period drama.

There’s just something about it that screams forbidden love. And there’s something about forbidden love which is quite a turn-on. This tattoo is definitely one of my favourites on the list.

#12. Face Time

Tattoo Artist – @krys.h_islanderink

What has a year in lockdown taught us? To always make time for FaceTime of course!

OK, this design is genius. Not for the faint-hearted, but an awesome idea all the same.

I particularly love the framing on this one. It really highlights the hot lesbian scene we have going on here! 

#13. Lesbian Angels

Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @gerfertattoo

This next tattoo is just as $exy and equally eye-catching. I’m not sure how symbolic the Angels were intended to be in this particular design; however, I love what they represent.

Traditionally, angels were used in paintings and art as a sign that times are changing. Perhaps the angels here could represent an acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

#14. Scissor Happy

Lesbian Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Artist – @midnight_moonlighttt

Come on; you had to know it was coming. Why would somebody get such a tattoo, I hear you ask. Well, for the sheer fun of it, I would imagine.

Oh come, that was a good one. Don’t tell me you didn’t crack a smile. If not, I guess my puns just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’ll show myself out.

#15. The 69’er

Sexy Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @patriciashim

You’ve got to have a real set of lady-balls to get a tattoo like this one, but I can’t deny that I’m fixated. I mean, it’s arguably one of the best lesbian $ex positions of all time. Am I right? Or, am I right?

#16. Blessed be the Fruit

Tattoo Artist – @rubengcao

Have you noticed this before? There’s no denying it. V@ginas closely resemble the insides of some fruits.

So what better idea for a cheeky tattoo design. It’s evident to you and your friends what it represents. But it’s subtle enough to avoid your Grandma asking why you have a tattoo of a v@gina during family dinner.

#17. The Lesbians

Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @gerfer_tattoo

Imagine going for a tarot reading, and the psychic pulls out this card exclaiming that you are a lesbian. 

B*tch tell me something I don’t know… I’ve known that since I was 8 years old. Now tell me something useful, like if I’m going to be rich or something.

It’s a cool idea for a tattoo design though.

#18. Eating Out

Sexy Tattoo Lesbian
Tattoo Artist – @wisjavi

How beautiful and sensual is this lesbian tattoo idea? I love the delicate lines and simplicity of the design. This is certainly one way to transform your average $exy tattoo into an elegant piece of art.

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Rainbow-Themed Lesbian Tattoos

#19. The Rainbow

Rainbow Tattoo Idea
Tattoo Artist – @medusaink_

The rainbow symbol is iconic for the LGBTQ+ community, representing diversity and pride.

So if you’re looking for a simple tattoo design to represent your queerness, you needn’t look any further.

You could literally have this anywhere on your body, so it can be as subtle or as bold as you please.  

#20. Pride Stickers

Gay Tattoo Ideas
Tattoo Artist – @shiraunicorn

Here we have some more fun sticker ideas that can again be used independently or as part of a larger design. I especially love the queer hand holding the rainbow flag. And the ‘love heart’ designs are also really cute.

#21. DNA

Tattoo Artist – @bikaner_tattoo

I love this tattoo design and all that it represents. It serves as a reminder that being queer is a part of who we are.

It’s in our blood. It isn’t some phase that we will grow out of, and it certainly can’t be ‘prayed away’ or any of that nonsense.  

#22. Rainbow Lines

Rainbow Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @papifitastattoos

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this design was ‘ouch’. That’s got to have hurt.

But as they say, no pain, no gain, and the result is undeniably awesome. I guess you could replicate a similar idea on any other part of your body as well.

#23. Sun & Moon

Tattoo Artist – @shiratwig

“Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much she died every night to let her breathe”. 

There aren’t many love stories as romantic as the one between the sun and the moon. And here we have a stunning rainbow tattoo design that portrays the tale beautifully.  

#24. Rainbow Prism

Lesbian Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – hen_tattooer

Woah, this is a solid contender for my favourite lesbian tattoo design on this list. I love the geometric shapes and patterns with that Pink Floyd style rainbow swoosh. It’s just so unique, intricate, and captivating.

This tattoo artist is based in Seoul, South Korea, and they have some of the most exciting designs on their Instagram page. Be sure to check them out at the link below.

#25. Blurred Lines

Rainbow Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @ladymermaidink

Next up we have another symbolic tattoo design that represents the diversity of the LGBTQ+ spectrum and the fluidity of sexuality.

I’m sure that many of us have tried to cram ourselves into boxes and spaces that we don’t fit into. And this tattoo idea is such a simple yet accurate portrayal of that. 

#26. Rock Star

Tattoo Artist – @thedappernomad

I’m a big fan of this punk rock style tattoo. It reminds me of the famous Rolling Stones lips. Full of attitude and charisma, and made even better, of course, with the rainbow design. 

#27. This is Me

Rainbow Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @painterlyfiend

If you’re not familiar with this famous line, I demand you watch The Greatest Showman immediately. Or, at the very least, listen to the song.

Every queer soul on the planet can relate to the ‘This is Me’ lyrics, which is sure to be a gay anthem for years to come.

The expl0sion of colour in this tattoo design is an accurate reflection of how the song makes us all feel. Bursting with love and pride for who we are.

#28. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Tattoo Artist – @mike_lopez_pro

Here we have a beautiful spin on the traditional rainbow tattoo. It’s just one of many ways to make the conventional rainbow design unique to you. So don’t be afraid to get creative!

#29. Rainbow Tears

Tattoo Artist – @anaelle.goldy.tattoo

Our final rainbow tattoo design is quite an emotional one and sadly represents the reality of millions of LGBTQ+ folx all around the world.

Unfortunately, many of us still face discrimination, rejection, or worse, just for being who we are. And the rainbow tears in the tattoo are a poignant reminder of such. 

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Lesbian Couple Tattoos

#30. Rainbow Lines

Lesbian Couple Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @clarktattoos

We will kick off our list of lesbian couple tattoos with an idea that’s subtle yet effective. As you know, the rainbow symbol holds a special meaning for LGBTQ+ folx, so it’s the perfect design to share with your significant other. 

#31. Help Each Other Grow

Lesbian Matching Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @mlxtattoo

This matching tattoo idea is absolutely stunning. The one in the photo was done for two sisters; however, it would be equally special for a couple.

It suggests that life is about finding people who will help us grow rather than tear us down. And what a beautiful quality that is to find in a partner. Get a tattoo like this one with a fine-line tattooist in NYC.

#32. Love Conquers All

Lesbian Couple Tattoo
Tattoo Artist – @petrafontattoo

Everything about this matching lesbian couple tattoo is adorable. I love the rainbow paint splatters alongside the heart. And if the title didn’t give it away already, Amor Vincit Omnia is Latin for Love Conquers All.

#33. Sun and Moon

Matching Tattoos
Tattoo Artist – raymond.ink

We touched on the love story of the sun and the moon earlier on in the article, so it makes sense that this design would make a great couple tattoo.

You could also argue that they represent the different qualities in each partner. The sun symbolises strength, firmness, and power, whereas the moon represents calmness, beauty, and nurturing.

In that sense, they complement each other flawlessly.

#34. You Complete Me

Lesbian Couple Tattoo
Photo Credit – @ourtasteforlife

Natalie and I came up with this idea for a Pride shoot last year. Of course, we drew on the rainbow heart with face paint for the photo; however, it would also make for a stunning matching tattoo for a lesbian couple.

#35. Moon, Sun, & Stars

Tattoo Artist Unknown

To round off our list of the best lesbian tattoo ideas, we have this adorable matching design that’s both unique and heartwarming.  

What’s Your Favourite Lesbian Tattoo?

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best lesbian tattoo designs.

If you have any questions for us don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach out to us in the comment section below or through our contact us page.

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