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10 Best Gay Christmas Movies to Watch in 2023

If you’re looking for a list of the best gay Christmas movies, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I share 10 of our favourite Christmas movies featuring gay storylines and where and how you can watch them.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Which means it’s time for loved ones, sharing gifts, having parties, and, of course, the cherished tradition of Christmas movie marathons.

While mainstream holiday films often follow heteronormative narratives, there’s a fabulous selection of gay Christmas movies featuring gay love stories and inclusive storylines.

With that said, here’s a roundup of the 10 best gay Christmas movies to add a dash of representation to your holiday film playlist.

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Top 10 Gay Christmas Movies

1. Make the Yuletide Gay

scene from make the yuletide gay

This first gay Christmas movie centres around Olaf “Gunn” Gunnunderson, a college student navigating the complexities of being openly gay at school while remaining closeted to his family.

As the holiday season approaches, Olaf heads home for Christmas, bringing with him the familiar blend of excitement and anxiety that comes with family gatherings.

Then, when Olaf’s boyfriend, Nathan, arrives unexpectedly, it adds a humorous and joyful twist to the holiday festivities.

This movie is a heartwarming and entertaining holiday favourite, touching on themes of acceptance, love, and self-discovery.

Make the Yuletide Gay is available to rent on Amazon Prime & Apple TV.

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2. Dashing in December

Dashing in December Christmas Scene

Dashing in December brings a delightful twist to the classic Christmas rom-com formula, embracing the holiday spirit with a touch of inclusivity.

The story follows Wyatt, a sophisticated city dweller, as he returns to his quaint rural hometown for the holidays.

Amidst the picturesque winter landscape, he discovers an unexpected and heartwarming connection with Heath, the ruggedly handsome caretaker of his mother’s ranch.

With all the tropes and good feels of your stereotypical Christmas movie, this one is for watching with a festive candle and snuggled under the blanket.

Dashing in December is available to buy on Amazon Prime.

3. Shared Rooms

shared rooms gay christmas scene

An indie gay Christmas film directed by the creator of ‘Make the Yuletide Gay,’ this movie intricately weaves together the lives of numerous gay men as they navigate the holiday season.

Departing from stereotypical narratives, Shared Rooms presents a unique perspective on love, family dynamics, and individual identity within the gay community.

While the film occasionally falls short in terms of depth and pacing, it compensates with a desire for a feel-good conclusion and moments of candid authenticity.

For those seeking a blend of holiday cheer and full-frontal nudity, you’re in for quite the treat.

Shared Rooms is available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime.

4. The Christmas Setup

the christmas set up lead protagonists

A groundbreaking festive film that debuted in 2020, The Christmas Setup marked a significant milestone as the first LGBTQ Christmas movie featured by Lifetime.

The storyline follows Hugo, a meticulous New York City attorney, returning home for the holidays accompanied by his best friend, Madelyn.

Amidst the festive cheer, Hugo has a serendipitous reunion with his high school crush, Patrick, rekindling a spark that forces him to reevaluate his career and life goals.

The movie is entertaining and authentic, helped by the fact that real-life husbands portray the two protagonists.

The Christmas Setup is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.

5. You Should Meet My Son!

You Should Meet my Son Scene

Here, we have a sidesplitting gay Christmas comedy that follows the story of a conservative mother on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

When she discovers that her son is gay, she is determined to find him the perfect boyfriend just in time for the holidays.

The plot is a rollercoaster of laughter as she hilariously navigates the modern dating scene, attempting to play matchmaker in the most unconventional and endearing ways.

With its over-the-top antics, unabashed queerness, and uproarious humour, this film is a must-add to your festive watchlist.

You Should Meet My Son is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

6. The Christmas House

Scene from The Christmas House

Our next gay Christmas movie encapsulates the true meaning of family, love, and the joyous holiday season.

As Christmas draws near, a family facing marital challenges decides to reunite, calling upon their two grown sons to come home for the festive season.

Among them is Brandon, an openly gay son, and his husband Jake, both eagerly awaiting news about the adoption of their first child.

The film beautifully portrays their journey, along with the heartwarming dynamics of the family. It’s a touching narrative that celebrates the magic of Christmas and the healing power of family.

The Christmas House is available for streaming on Hallmark TV on Amazon Prime.

7. Single All the Way

Scene from Single all the Way

Netflix’s first original gay Christmas movie, ‘Single All the Way,’ had been greatly anticipated, and it managed to deliver in every single way.

The storyline centres around Peter, a perpetually single man, who persuades his best friend to play the role of his partner during a visit to his family for the holiday season.

As expected, romantic entanglements and comedic mishaps ensue, following the familiar beats of queer narratives. However, this is a heartwarming tale of LGBTQ+ love and acceptance.

Not to mention, the film boasts the talents of Jennifer Coolidge, who steals the spotlight as Peter’s hilarious and vivacious Auntie.

Single All the Way is available to watch on Netflix.

8. Rent

Rent Gay Christmas Movie Characters

Rent, a critically acclaimed musical, vividly portrays the lives of several LGBTQ characters struggling in the Lower East Side amidst the escalating HIV/AIDS crisis.

The narrative unfolds on Christmas Eve, where the characters grapple with issues of poverty, relationships, and their careers while facing the harsh realities of life.

With its compelling storyline and memorable musical compositions, “Rent” is a powerful depiction of resilience and hope that will stay with you long after the credits roll.

Rent is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and YouTube.

9. The Holiday Sitter

Scene from The Holiday Sitter

The Holiday Sitter is a heartwarming tale that centres around Sam, who finds himself as babysitter for his niece and nephew during the holiday season.

However, what begins as a simple family obligation takes an unexpected romantic turn when Sam enlists the help of the handsome neighbour, Jason.

As they work together to create a magical festive time for the children, Sam and Jason discover a deep connection that transcends friendship.

This delightful narrative not only explores the joys of queer romance during the festive season but also makes history as Hallmark’s first-ever LGBTQ-themed Christmas movie.

The Holiday Sitter is available for streaming on DIRECTV or to buy as a download on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

10. Love the Coopers

Scene from Love the Coopers

Our final gay Christmas movie unfolds as four generations of the Cooper family gather for their traditional Christmas Eve celebration.

The festive gathering takes an unexpected turn as a host of surprising visitors and unforeseen events unfold, challenging the family dynamics and shaking up the cosy traditions.

Despite mixed reviews and some criticisms, the movie shines in portraying a poignant coming-out scene involving Anthony Mackie, a closeted police officer learning to embrace his sexuality.

With the compassionate support of one of the Cooper family members, the storyline highlights an important message of acceptance and understanding amidst the holiday chaos.

Love the Coopers is available for streaming on Netflix or to rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Enjoy These Gay Christmas Movies

So there you have it: 10 Gay Christmas Movies to add to your watchlist this festive season.

What do you think? Have you seen them all? Are there any others that you think deserve a spot on this list?

Let us know! We love hearing from you. You can reach out to us in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas & Happy Binging!

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